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  1. I've seen Soundcloud RDJ mixes on Youtbe which I've been enjoying...especially stuff from the SAW1/SAW2 era. Wondered if any of you lot have made some personal mixes like this with the original source files at as high HQ as we have? Feel like I really need this lot collected onto something more accessible..there's just so much.
  2. I suppose the question is, if I love this stuff so much; what else would I love?
  3. Just splurged for my personal Christmas gift, VOD remasters of: shadow/illusion/loh/shouting managed to get off Discogs at good prices
  4. Yeah basically just going for as low latency as possible and enough I/O so that's why I looked at thunderbolt in the first instance. The amount of IO available on those three options I've listed is pretty ideal. Basically means it's unlikely I'll need to buy a mixing desk as my harware acquistion increases. I don't buy much stuff I've got all I need. I suppose I should also look at USB3 options next as it sounds to me as though the latency although better with thunderbolt is comparably amazing via USB3. Suppose that opens up more options for me anyway.
  5. Hello amazing people. So I'm investing in a new interface and a new desktop PC which I'm hoping to put a thunderbolt card into to so I can use the latest interfaces with thunderbolt. I've narrowed down thunderbolt choices to these. I'm still looking at USB2/USB3 options too but I thought I'd look at these first as the ideal options. I suppose I don't know if it's totally worth the investment. 1 - Focusrite Clarett 8 Pre - 8 ins/10 outs. - £700 2 - Motu 828x thunderbolt and USB2 audio interface - 10ins/12 outs. - £688.80 3 - presonus quantum 2626 thunderbolt 3 audio
  6. Upgraded to 10 holy shit I've got a lot to learn! Impressed so far.
  7. Agreed. The filters are amazing
  8. Yeah I'm pretty sure I'll do the preorder deal too: I'm running live 9.7.7 i.e. The last 9 update before 10 came along (didn't deem 10 to be 100% worth the upgrade price plus think I was skint at the time)..think I can jump from 9.7 to 10 then 11 for the same price via this deal
  9. Yeah, I don't have the time to build my own system. I'm hoping for max around £1500 including basic monitor, keyboard/mouse, amazing cpu and large ssd basically. Monitors/gear I already have. Just want to get it asap really
  10. I've been looking into buying a prebuilt desktop system/paying a company to do a custom build. I'm also on the hunt for a new audio interface/monitor too so I'm looking at bundles. Any tip offs as best place to look/UK based companies? Been looking at this as an ideal situation https://www.inta-audio.com/pc-builder/select_base#selected_unit_4 And the company seems decent. I'm currently running a laptop with an old i7 and 4gb ram and cpu gets maxed out by like 1 or 2 max devices/vsts. I've got an opportunity to finally buy a proper system but I suppose I don't know r
  11. Just to emphasize. I'd already sort of fallen in love with it BUT it only recently really ''clicked''. I think I basically use it as how I understand ambient techno to be.
  12. Kind of agree that if the whole album was like the second half this would Ben instabuy for me. Don't get me wrong I think this is excellent but when that kind of vocal thing ain't your bag...I just would be happy with the instrumentals. I adore Replica so the second half was lovely.
  13. To be fair, I don't actually have a tape deck to play the tape back perfectly so I may just opt for the fuscia exclusive and find a HQ rip of the tape instead. Are they offering 88 as a HQ digital rip?
  14. Interestingly was at two record stores yesterday with the intention of buying this hopefully with the 88 cassette bundles with it; it's only being sold without in shops from what I saw..think I better buy the bundle online before it sells out...was tempted by the pinkish vinyl available too but can't find that online now...
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