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  1. Well I just listened to Replica start to finish and it's utterly sublime in places. If this is anything like that then count me in.
  2. I shit you not I think I was watching a UFO in the sky yesterday in Moseley, Birmingham, UK. I told myself it was a bird/drone and walked away though. Wish I had a telescope. Felt like a dick staring up into the sky for so long to be honest! It kind of looked like two 3D cubes which were rectangular in shape but one of those rectangles was rotating within the other. It was fucking strange to be honest..I just kind of told myslef it was a drone and walked off. Weird. And I don't even sort of consider myslef to believe in all this either! haha! Anyway.
  3. I know this is probably blasphemy to post this here as we all know it's an amzing piece of art BUT I'm just totally falling in love with it past few days. You know when you sort of don't bother listening to something as much as you ''know it'' so well and sort of ''know'' it's amazing but then come back to it and realise it's actually more than what you thought. What struck me yesterday is just how amazingly subtle all the arragement changes are but also how sort of playful those decisions are. Like it's kind of childlike in it's execution of automation etc - a bit cheeky but also s
  4. Well that Mixtape is dope whoever made it
  5. Just a shout out to anyone that would like to create something for me. I'm not all that artisitic/have the time to actually compose what I'd like to do but I see it as an art piece/painting I think. It was following an amazing, what I feel to be mystical experience I had. It was really beautiful and I'd like to see if I could get it drawn by someone who has the skills. Give me a shout if interested! I think I'd also be prepared to pay for its creation too as long as it's not too much £££!
  6. Cheers Actress. And thanks everyone for chasing this up. I'd forgotten about this a while back so delighted to hear he's dropped anything new. Long term big fan here :)
  7. I know this may not have been your goal but I'm getting Monolake Ghosts like vibes in your pads and drums..very cool..I approve.
  8. Really worried this is all VERY WRONG for UK. Major second wave worries. NHS is still in recovery...think we've lifted lockdown FAR too early. Will be carnage tomorrow night with pubs opening.
  9. This is probably more of a boring choice but I actually think that an ice cold Camden Helles is lush.
  10. I ADORE Opeth. Totally disagree.
  11. I'm listening to this now. Never heard it all the way through. Thanks!
  12. I've been thinking back on this actually and I think it's basically impossible for me to pinpoint a single record as the best ''desert island disks'' are so incredible and unique in of themselves that you surely need multiple choices! BUT: if I had to choose one, I may actually remove my MBV shout and replace it with Tool - Lateralus. An ansolute journey from start to finish with moments of euphoric creschedno and things like that that still to this day send shivers down my spine. Love it. As much as I love the classics we talk about here on the forum all the time, it strikes me that a r
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