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  1. Thanks man 🙂 Yeah, it appears to produce sounds very similar to what I have in my head so seemed right. If I'm lucky this may be a birthday present. I hear the presets everywhere now I know what it sounds like.
  2. Yes I was jus about to say. Can we not just make rips for each other and then contribute the money back to ZF as a form of donation. I missed out on all this and I'm gutted.
  3. There are some going for around £200 on eBay but I'd prefer to get it off someone here really.
  4. Subject says it all really. I'm thinking I can get it for £50 but I need to be quick. It works fine, I tested it in the shop. https://www.pmtonline.co.uk/boss-dr-3-dr-rhythm-drum-machine?utm_source=google&utm_medium=shopping&gclid=Cj0KCQjw8svsBRDqARIsAHKVyqHyqVwUiUgy4-h3d1Lf1ohBj_FR9m9fmZqHNavDxEtAj6raxT7NndkaAl1qEALw_wcB Go for it?
  5. Polytrix

    Brexit :(

    I've started an audio only podcast and it features a very well informed guy who used to work for a labour politician. Gonna splice tunes in between. It's currently called Not the nick o'clock news as he's called Nick. It's only pilot but I'm trying to figure out if it's YouTube doable considering it's pretty honest! Advice?
  6. Cheers. Will post photos of what these records actually are later.
  7. Yeah I can only do 45rpm with a +-8 max pitch adjust. Not sure what max speed I can get considering that? Sure I'll put photos/links here. Not sure if i can justify buying a 78 stylus at this stage.
  8. Yeah it looks like a 78' stylus would cost me a surprising amount actually. Potentially not worth the effort, I'm just really intrigued to hear what's on these tho.
  9. Nah they're all pretty hard acetate. Damn it!
  10. OK cool thanks - so if they're shellac get a different needle. But if they're vinyl and I manage to record them in, should I just record in at 45rpm and then speed them up in software. My turntable only does 33/45 and a +8/-8 pitch adjust (standard 1210mk2 set-up). How did you guys manage that?
  11. I've got a little frowing stash of 78' records and I'm very interested to hear what's on them but I don't think I can play them on my record deck as the acetate can damage the needle? Or can I simply record them in at 45rpm and then speed them up somehow? Anyone done this before? Would like a simple solution. Hope you're all well.
  12. I don't think there's anything wrong with the ableton stock verb. I do tend to need to use it on a return rather than insert tho to get the balance better...sounds different as an insert.
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