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  1. Latests jam/ weird hip hop vibes.
  2. Not sure if that editor works for windows tho? Need an iPad?
  3. Ok cool. That actually sounds quite appealing. Thanks BCM
  4. I went for the 1080 - £190 off reverb. Christ know when it'll arrive tho considering corona. Does anyone have one and can comment on how easy it is to make your own patches on it?
  5. I was thinking this. I think maybe just go really good ITB then. I've got controllers. Maybe I just need a sequencer. I was thinking omnisphere. Yeah sorry, I just thought I'd ask for help
  6. Ah I see. Am I meeting a bit of a price threshold?
  7. I'd quite like something Moog if possible. Can raise budget to £300 I was looking at the arturia stuff
  8. https://reverb.com/item/32371682-roland-jv-1080 Too cheap nd not worth it considering the bend?
  9. I just want a basic poly synth I think preferably which is a bit esoteric and has a unique nature to it and weird but hopefully sub £250. Good modulation, good filter and maybe built in FX. Good keyboard with it too. I've been looking at getting a jv1080 as I love that old school lofi crusty sound but I'm not finding that many for sale. I just want to be able to switch it on without much faff and start creating really easily OTB. Was considering getting a reverb pedal too.
  10. Damn. I mean; I can still have a lovely time getting out in nature and just generally chilling but if it's all shut up then it's far less an attractive prospect. Just that I've got the airbnb booked and KLM flights ready...
  11. Do I bother going Amsterdam? Due to depart March 21st. ???? Sounds like almost everything is closing up. I still like the idea of chilling at my airbnb all the same but it'd be nice to eat and drink out too and get a smoke as well..really not sure now.
  12. Well that's incredibly kind! I might just do that thank you! I'll comeback to this thread nearer the time and send out some messages. Weird exotic/obscure records is very much my thing, love experimental stuff basically. Inspires me to create.
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