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  1. Nice! How did the new album translate live? I adore ''Descending'': incredibly epic stuff. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PcSoLwFisaw
  2. Has anyone revisted this recently? Really enjoying again.
  3. Just in love with Substrata so much. It's a lot of what I love about electronic music. Any ''essentials''' like this I need to know about besides the obvious RDJ/BOC fare? I sort of include things like Biokinetics in this list if that makes sense. Just really deep albums to get lost in from start to finish. Cheers!
  4. Cool thanks will disable. After all the effort to sort of get that nice it was like uhhhhh why is the midi all locked to grid?! Arrrrrgh
  5. What I found before was that my raw midi (when using a combo of these approahes) was coming out quantized? I think that's down to my arp settings? Or could that more be global record quantize settings overall? Got that enabled without realising? thanks everyone
  6. This is something I'd love to own difinitively in the best possible format but will never be able to justify spending that much: https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/3980386?ev=rb
  7. Yeah Pendant album is insanely beautiful 🙂
  8. Well I thought this was excellent. I'm listening on my phone right now tho so can't comment on mixing in more detail but I really enjoyed this. I loved the long brooding intro and I love how it kept building and building in tension until the arps and more melodic parts started to come through. I love all the brooding pads: very kind of dark BOC style but then your video kind of evokes that vibe too so I can see how my brain thinks that way too. Congrats! Be proud of yourself and keep making ace dark tunes.
  9. This just makes me want the new album now. Absolute hero this man.
  10. Thank you! I like the break modulated by velocity idea. Will try that one day. I really look forward to having this rack put together. I feel as though having your own templates/presets is really essential for ITB working: such a time saver. Thanks again all. By the way, the additional LFO to arp hold on/off achieved what I want well. Nice little deviations off a pre-programmed otherwise static midi sequence which is just boring to have looping if you're trying to get inspired jamming over the top of. I suppose you could then add/swing groove on top of that too and it's gonna get pretty mad. Thanks for help people. Genuinely amazing to learn from all of you.
  11. Thank you! 🙂 Watmm brilliantly helpful as ever thanks a lot.
  12. Brilliant. Thank you. I forgot about the follow actions. I suppose I just don't like the nature of that set-up. Just a bit of a tricky one to get right I feel. Will try the LFO to pitch thing now. Question tho, if I've got random velocity and random arp stuff going on, on a sample by sample basis, where's the value in actually having midi clip triggers programmed at all? I.e. if I put a 4/4 kick pattern into the midi clip for the kick in a drum rack, that's just being used to trigger the arp right so it doesn't really matter where I input the actual midi note? I suppose if the arp is in hold mode that overrides the need/point of drawing in midi notes at all? Maybe I should put an LFO on the hold ON/OFF itself too so that that's all randomised as well? Best of both worlds?
  13. This is ace! Great work! Love all the sound fx
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