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  1. The background colour and texture of the cover has reminded me of this from the start, reinforced by all the green talk - though I think the spectre of Saville looms over much TDR stuff And while a plain orange inner is probably far from unique, that reminds me of this https://www.discogs.com/Neworder-Roundround/release/77671
  2. Sign Felled Two albums about nothing
  3. RESIGN in a nod to Metallica's mediocre Load / Reload diptych
  4. I was at the Bristol and RFH gigs in 2016, standing and seated respectively. Preferred the former gig slightly, though I was just leaning on the railing by the desk staring into darkness, so might as well have been seated. Should certainly be better than Dublin 2014 where it was impossible to get away from talkers
  5. I flew over from Dublin for the Bristol gig and this. I was right in the middle in front of the desk for Bristol, and in the Festival Hall was seated at the right end of the 4th row of the rear stalls. So I got a better immersive stereo experience in Bristol, but it was that bit louder in the Festival Hall, and impossible not to be forcibly drawn into it. Might have been down to the location or my mood but the earlier part of the London gig felt very (musically) dark to me in a way Bristol didn't. Glad to have gotten a double dose of it though, both gigs were incredible. Haswell was great - sloppy and fun, loud and confrontational but I hereby deem anyone who couldn't take it to be wimps and posers! He and Maddocks contextually framed AE in an interesting way I thought. Expected it to be (visually) darker somehow. Was occasionally a bit distracted by the people leaving and wondering what the deal was with them.
  6. FEF

    Vinyl Represses!!

    I got a dispatch confirmation 3 days ago but got a mail just now saying they're waiting on stock and shipping will be slightly delayed
  7. The first time I listened to this I was on the edge of sleep throughout but it was playing loud enough to keep me at that level of consciousness for the whole track. Very intense experience... like a combination of the stargate sequence in 2001 and the pic of Bender above
  8. FEF

    elseq 1-5

    Anyone else singing We Will Rock You along to TBM2?
  9. FEF

    elseq 1-5

    runrepik, oversteps tour, tuinorizn Ah yes, I think it's runrepik I was hearing, cheers!
  10. FEF

    elseq 1-5

    There's a sample or element of an older track in spaces how V - what is it? Driving me mad
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