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  1. Arrived in Ireland on Saturday. Sign took weeks to arrive, turned out they mistakenly sent it by standard mail instead of tracked (but sent a refund for the difference)
  2. Amazed by how X4 feels packed full of kaleidoscopic detail but also really airy and spacious
  3. Stupid brain is registering the title as POST 😩
  4. They should do this and have an exclusive bonus track on the Japanese edition
  5. I disagree because the pianist either plays a score or otherwise decides what to play (e.g. improvisation) as distinct from generative elements. I only have a sketchy understanding of how Max works but as I understand it you can use it to trigger musical events within defined parameters and then refine the parameters to produce more desirable results. I would assume Sean & Rob construct parts with instructions like "play notes in this scale within these rhythmic limitations" or "play combinations of these six notes" and apply conditions and exceptions. Or maybe they invent a melody or chor
  6. “The piano is beautiful but it’s dumb,” Booth told me. “It separates the artist from the string.” The clear implication here is that the harpsichord is ugly but intelligent, and you can get right in at them strings
  7. Since they dropped the solo stats bombshell (and "how do you know we haven't" made a solo record) imaginations have gone wild but that should be tempered with this (from the SFJ interview): “We’d get in touch and it would turn out we were doing the same kind of thing, without even talking,” Brown said. “I’m not sure we could do it in the same room now. But we’re often thinking the exact same thing.”
  8. The background colour and texture of the cover has reminded me of this from the start, reinforced by all the green talk - though I think the spectre of Saville looms over much TDR stuff And while a plain orange inner is probably far from unique, that reminds me of this https://www.discogs.com/Neworder-Roundround/release/77671
  9. Sign Felled Two albums about nothing
  10. RESIGN in a nod to Metallica's mediocre Load / Reload diptych
  11. I was at the Bristol and RFH gigs in 2016, standing and seated respectively. Preferred the former gig slightly, though I was just leaning on the railing by the desk staring into darkness, so might as well have been seated. Should certainly be better than Dublin 2014 where it was impossible to get away from talkers
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