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  1. It's Datathief. Brian Flanagan commented in the YT video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huslqo2x2qQ&t=38s) i'll transcribe it here: 'This is one of the 1st 2 demo tracks datathief put out, not autechre, but thanks for the complement. we recently reissued a ton of old stuff on bandcamp, https://datathief0000.bandcamp.com/album/recovered-data unfortunately this demo was passed up by skam, so its lost, apart from this recording - the other track on the demo was also played on disengage.' we've got our answer, finally coz it was bugging me, such a great track also such a p
  2. i don't know about u guys but the cover art gives me untilted vibes... maybe coz colors it would be nice if it had that very polished track feel too
  3. what did it sound like? did you listen enough to get an impression lol
  4. Seems legit - "The set will be broadcast on Warehouse Project’s YouTube and Facebook pages from 18:00 pm (BST) tomorrow" https://crackmagazine.net/2020/04/aphex-twin-stream-warehouse-project-live/?fbclid=IwAR28HoqlAiVhqtiYet6MbYv2zb_KmzHr_4lRTQE8Z-tTICV25FNK0Q_sRRg
  5. ae-BEST SHIT EVAR is a very fitting name for that particular track
  6. can't wait either, i was a bit tired of that sorta 2D-glitchy-sharp sound palette tbh
  7. bleep store out of air prob cuz it cant take new 750 hours of music all at once expectations...
  8. just out of curiosity what track would that be? disclaimer: i don't want to turn this thread into 'favorite ae track' i really hope i didn't do it
  9. hyyype (but at the same time a bit wary about the quantity x quality issue)
  10. maybe sean transformed himself into a max/msp pickle object
  11. someone in the YouTube comments for this vid noted he used some subtle samples off Autechre's Second Bad Vilbel (you can hear it at about 1:57 - 2:53) it was a nice catch just wanted to register it here
  12. amad

    Rob pls

    in theory Gescom's ISS:SA was Sean solo iirc, so a rob release wouldn't be a bad idea
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