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  1. amad


    maybe they're starting chronologically
  2. wooooooa now THATS good news more hyped to that than plaid's polymer btw plz post the Nord stem in separate... i would really like to know how that sounds like
  3. yeah this one live was the bomb
  4. they are very autechre/zaha hadid/alex rutterford-inspired stuff if you like, follow me on instagram https://www.instagram.com/amadeogaldino/
  5. wow dudes thanks so much a lot of great stuff there, will be listening along these days
  6. post some recommendations on post-rock/math-rock stuff i would like to know if there's anything similar to these guys, i'm really into their sound
  7. def one of my most listened-to ae tracks. i listen to it much more than the actual album (which is my second favorite so that's a lot of listens)
  8. have to say i dig the robb banks track
  9. i did pm him a few days ago and he told me it would take a few more weeks Shit, it could take a few more months... we've waited this long... =P Thank you again to all involved. =D I know quari set is special but it's not like we don't have dozens of hours of new AE_live or NTS stuff to listen (and get used to) in between
  10. i did pm him a few days ago and he told me it would take a few more weeks
  11. just got myselb a new message ringtone
  12. nah i wouldn't go with confield for a first. i would start with something lighter my own experience was, my ex gf was into amber and oversteps only
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