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  1. 2003 - 2015. Draft for me is a step forward in terms of sequencing, a perfection of what begun around 98. From Untilted to Quaristice (with support from their live sets, which have a lot in common) there is a def change of approach in sound, and i think the drums start getting more synthetical (where Draft was more analytical). Quari live set brings the nords which are the base to Oversteps, pure bliss. Then Exai for me is a sort of bringing all of it together,very rich and dense sound-wise, rhythm-wise, sort of a all-arounder. and AE_LIVE cause it is ridiculously compelling, when I think 'AE' i think these two last ones. To sum it up imho these is the material that doesnt sound 'dated' in any sense (don't get me wrong i love the early stuff but frankly i think the sound is very specific to the time) but feels richer than elseq-onwards (there is a lot of gold on elseq for me tho, it is still in 2015 so)
  2. niiiice! would love to hear a mashup with column thirteen as well
  3. thank you SO MUCH for all effort, the result is incredible, it is a completely new listen in relation to the bootlegs, so many new sounds and textures maybe i'm unconsciously repeating what someone already pointed out, but you can really hear how Sean's part is the skeleton/bone structure and muscles that make the beast stand firm and Rob's part adds the skin, life and spirit that makes it breathe
  4. funny situation tho, i lold here 😂
  5. duuuuuuuude it just looked so much like gratuitous trolling lmao
  6. Am I the only one that is most hyped to hear the nord siren part at 26:30 ish (in the yt vids), just a bit after the "it doesn't sound like autechre but there's 2 guys" line??? which goes together with a very intense beat hearing that in HQ is like a dream comin true
  7. yep also think the avatars didn't look right concretely
  8. maybe two sections: 1) replicated by ios / digit (without the '&') and 2) patches supplied by autechre (or booth / brown or ae) also the avatars could be placed INSIDE the squares (digit obviously inside the black one since it matches exactly his avatar). it would be a bold move and might get ugly, but i think it's worth a try to see how it looks at least
  9. loved it gives it all the more unique feel of the original gig
  10. i like it!!! and yes adding more text referencing ios and digit would be great. it would also match the original album artwork since it's full of text related to production/mastering/design etc personally i like the [Replicated by ios] tag in his files, something along those lines - and extending to digit - would be cool with those text spaces
  11. funny i thought the exact same about Metaz form8... the melody notes not drums obviously...
  12. thank you guys so much, this and SIGN are such gifts for my quarantine
  13. lol i found that y-track mix a fun idea, i'm gonna try that
  14. yeah i agree MOT and L-event were a bit underwhelming compared to the albums they stem from, although i recall the boys saying MOT was kind of its own thing... but i may be remembering wrong too nah, i consider myself diehard ae fan and i loved SIGN much more than NTS and elseq (in general but it has its gems) it is not because it is more accessible that it is necessairly less well-constructed (think Oversteps/ Tri Rep for example) that live polished thing you say is awesome
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