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  1. yep also think the avatars didn't look right concretely
  2. maybe two sections: 1) replicated by ios / digit (without the '&') and 2) patches supplied by autechre (or booth / brown or ae) also the avatars could be placed INSIDE the squares (digit obviously inside the black one since it matches exactly his avatar). it would be a bold move and might get ugly, but i think it's worth a try to see how it looks at least
  3. loved it gives it all the more unique feel of the original gig
  4. i like it!!! and yes adding more text referencing ios and digit would be great. it would also match the original album artwork since it's full of text related to production/mastering/design etc personally i like the [Replicated by ios] tag in his files, something along those lines - and extending to digit - would be cool with those text spaces
  5. funny i thought the exact same about Metaz form8... the melody notes not drums obviously...
  6. thank you guys so much, this and SIGN are such gifts for my quarantine
  7. lol i found that y-track mix a fun idea, i'm gonna try that
  8. yeah i agree MOT and L-event were a bit underwhelming compared to the albums they stem from, although i recall the boys saying MOT was kind of its own thing... but i may be remembering wrong too nah, i consider myself diehard ae fan and i loved SIGN much more than NTS and elseq (in general but it has its gems) it is not because it is more accessible that it is necessairly less well-constructed (think Oversteps/ Tri Rep for example) that live polished thing you say is awesome
  9. YT would certainly benefit from it. Let's hear what digit says, if he has his own YT channel or if one of us would have that honor
  10. I think it's great but not as an intro tbh when introducing someone to ae I would never open with elseq/NTS ~10 min stuff (i've been quite critical about NTS but i don't think that's the case here), I would very much likely go with Altbizz / Montreal / r ess to give a taste and make the person want for more I also don't understand why Exai is nonexistent in the list; it is not only my fav and also the very first album i listened to and for me it has a lot of good "intro to ae" moments
  11. during the closer (r cazt) i couldn't stop thinking i wanted the track to last 15 more minutes. huge track duration was something that really bothered me on NTS but this particular track would really benefit from it
  12. kinda reminded me of splesh actually lol
  13. melody is twisted af but beat-wise this one is quite tame, i think this album looks quite accessible as intro to AE don't u guys think?
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