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  1. Hi, Does anyone recall who richie was refering to when he said yeah, the man never wasted a SINGLE note
  2. That reads as though he is suggesting we dont delay in setting up our cache. It's not even a seperate sentance.
  3. Bringing the dump to watmm would fix all of rich's problems with Sc & also eliminate the spam problems etc.
  4. The stats thing is odd, im fairly sure the android app string reports up to date stats on all the old songs. Perhaps it could shed some light.
  5. user48736353006 has no tracks now...the gorgeous Rhubarb Orc is gone right after rich acknowledged it. Thanks for all the love these last few months Rich. These songs have really helped lift my world during some hard times. Peace & Love brother.
  6. How on earth is (HAB un23) unfinished? lol Perhaps there is a completed version or 2 somewhere. Thou i also like to think despite how staggering the song is he simply never bothered to finish it. Good time. Love
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