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  1. The most intense snake charming music of all time
  2. mostly finished instrumental for first proper release
  3. Thank you! I'm running on a pretty low powered machine since I've been living nomadically over the past year, so it's a barebones setup. I use FL Studio, all stock plugins besides some Arturia plugins and Valhalla Supermassive. CPU usage goes to unusable levels when I stack too many third party plugins on. Wouldn't mind some recommendations on some free/cheap low CPU intensive plugins, especially FX
  4. Yes, as a guide, though not necessarily as a destination. Honestly, It's a little disappointing how many Marxists are unwilling to break through the confines of 150 year old commentaries on economies of the time. Marx can't answer a lot of questions about the modern world, which isn't saying anything about his work, It's just recognizing the fact that he is a product of his time. That being said, you can't forget your history
  5. short little wip that'll definitely become something more at some point prophet.mp3
  6. final version of crystal veil
  7. I notice that the quicker I put a track together, it usually ends up a bit messy melodically. It starts to sound like melodies being stacked on top of each other rather than multiple timbres working in unison for the betterment of the whole. During the production process, the producer is the most hyper aware of the track, so what may look like an empty project file may sound fine to someone who wasn't actually there to see it. But, whenever there's a little check mark to be filled in so to speak, I feel the need to fill it even if later, I realize it to be a detriment to the atmosphere of the track. When you listen to the same piece of audio over and over again ad nauseum, you're going to want to mix it up just for the sake of sanity in most cases - but this can easily end in a track that's far too short with too many transitions. Recently whenever I've started really digging a track, I'll shut it off for a few hours and get my mind off of it. I'll come back to the track refreshed, and hopefully will have kind of forgotten what it sounded like at that point. I've found I've been a lot less impulsive when it comes to shoehorning in as much as possible.
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