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  1. this could end up going in many different directions, but I like it a lot thus far!
  2. Track sounds like Shadow the Hedgehog on research chemicals One of my favorites
  3. The most intense snake charming music of all time
  4. mostly finished instrumental for first proper release
  5. Thank you! I'm running on a pretty low powered machine since I've been living nomadically over the past year, so it's a barebones setup. I use FL Studio, all stock plugins besides some Arturia plugins and Valhalla Supermassive. CPU usage goes to unusable levels when I stack too many third party plugins on. Wouldn't mind some recommendations on some free/cheap low CPU intensive plugins, especially FX
  6. Yes, as a guide, though not necessarily as a destination. Honestly, It's a little disappointing how many Marxists are unwilling to break through the confines of 150 year old commentaries on economies of the time. Marx can't answer a lot of questions about the modern world, which isn't saying anything about his work, It's just recognizing the fact that he is a product of his time. That being said, you can't forget your history
  7. short little wip that'll definitely become something more at some point prophet.mp3
  8. Stupid good! Not just feeling it - i'm living this track
  9. made the bass a little less crazy in the new mix; I definitely agree. I appreciate the feedback!
  10. new WIP, might finish alongside the other track for the EP coolwip.mp3
  11. Personally, I agree. But this is a great tool for people who have difficulty interfacing with a desktop environment when producing music. There's something to be said about the immediacy and approachability of dedicated hardware, especially if you're just starting out. The limitations of something that's sole purpose is to make music in its own specific way can be very liberating in the creative process. I think it's a cool little box, I don't really see a need for it myself when Renoise exists; but I remember being pretty uncomfortable with the limitless options that a DAW provided at my disposal when I didn't really have too great of a grasp on what was going on.
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