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  1. The Magic Autist


    does this count?
  2. I like how the breakdown at the end of Invincible is literally Jambi except slowed down
  3. Sounds like a mixture of 10,000 Days and Lateralus (with the baggage from each). Maynard's delivery is either hit or miss, as standard from Tool. While his vocal modulations at the beginning of the song are nice, they drop in quality fast and hard. The hook is extremely cheesy, predictable and incredibly boring. Pseudo-Prog at its best. Danny's percussion is the only redeemable part of this slog. Yep, sounds like Tool.
  4. waiting for the afx tool collab so i have brain fuel for my math exam
  5. the only truly ethical diet you can possibly have would be growing your own food on a small scale, and in small quantity to promote health of the soil and biodiversity. Or to kill what you eat yourself in the wild in moderation and only in seasons without vegetative abundance. If everyone switched to a vegan diet the negative effects on the environment would still be astronomical. Especially in the fall and winter in colder climates where not enough grows to sustain a large population of people. We would be forced to rely on large scale importation via air and sea which is absolutely disastrous for the environment and uses up an incredible amount of non-renewable resources. Not only that, but it would encourage the further destruction of the Earth's soil. Even further over-farming to satiate an ever growing population of people.
  6. the best we can hope for is a violent solar flare that would kill us all in an instant. what's more likely is a slow and painful death from disease if you live in the city, or getting your head blown off and all your shit stolen if you live in the countryside.
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