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  1. Sounds like a really massive convoluted overpopulated hamster enclosure where everyone takes turns running on the wheel
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M82jvnwga0E
  3. This is the same dude who said: "I keep it 300, like the Romans" don't be surprised
  4. The next president of the United States, ladies and gentlemen.
  5. It's good stuff but it's too derivative to be RDJ. This is like if you took everything he's done post-Drukqs and put it in a blender. It's a shame too, because whoever made this is obviously incredibly talented and great at what they do. It's okay to be your own person, that's the only reason why we know who RDJ is in the first place. EDIT: The only alias of RDJ who's authorship was in question was released on his own record label. I know it's fun to believe that he's going around releasing masterpieces on random bandcamp pages with 10 listeners, but in reality it's incredibly unlikely that he's ever actually released anything that can't be linked to him with minimal effort. I know that I wouldn't. It's like what he said about 9/11 and space aliens or whatever, It doesn't matter if it's not true or not, but believing in what could be is much more fun than recognizing what actually is. We need more people who are willing to make music that sounds like RDJ and say, yeah, no, this isn't him. I can do whatever he can do BETTER. That's better than uploading all of their shit under user[fuckingrandomnumbers] and letting others assume that someone else did it rather than claiming the glory for themselves.
  6. Not sure why I never bothered to specify this, but, all of my music is fully within the public domain, so feel free to do as you will with it
  7. I'm pretty sure that Drukqs was the last album of his to be produced on a tracker. He may or may not have sequenced bits and pieces of tracks here and there with tracker software, but I highly doubt that he's arranged a full track using one in years.
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