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  1. https://benpest.bandcamp.com/album/on-the-three After over a year in lockdown Love Love launches LOVLTD, a new series of limited records containing the tuffest system boomers and shakers. Focused towards igniting the dancefloor this series is a celebration of rave in all its forms: Acid Stompers & Wonkers / Hardcore Continuum // Heavyweight Bass Flex. All the 12”s are graced with artwork by foundational UK graffiti legends A.W.E ‘All World Experts’ est 1984- most notably Keen and Check. To start proceedings Romford-born, Bristol-based producer Ben Pest gives us 4 slabs of lysergic bass-bolstered techno. With records on Don’t, I Love Acid & Earwiggle and following recent collaborations with IMOGEN and Radioactive Man, Ben’s style of techno is some of the slickest and dirtiest going, getting played out by the likes of Bicep and DJ Stingray. A1 ‘Rugged’ drabs a chunky square 303 over strobing flickers of percussion with a kick drum the size of mars, building to an absolute acid-fuelled fervour. A2 ‘On The Three’ boasts a catchy groove reminiscent of mid-noughties warehouse phunk, brandishing cartoony melodies that will put an unhinged smile on the most cynical of ravers’ mushes. Whilst the A side ends bouncey, the B-Side starts off crushing and trancey with ‘83 Is The Wan’, featuring a catatonic kick drum in a New York club pattern driving through a hazy technoid labyrinth that’ll have ravers weaving spirit entities for many a dance to come. Final track ‘More Horrors’ is a full on, no-nonsense party banger. Weighty old skool techno heft with a deep murky bassline and acid squelches. Techno doesn’t come much fatter or funner than this. Limited to 300 copies only.www.loveloverecords.net
  2. it's all about post-breakcore these days... https://bandcamp.com/tag/post-breakcore?tab=highlights https://www.facebook.com/groups/postbreakcore
  3. Use the discount code 'megagood' to get 30% off anything from our Bandcamp store - www.loveloverecords.net Music by dgoHn, Ruby My Dear, Rognvald, Lakker, Anklepants, Si Begg, Sly & The Family Drone and many more! Ends December 11th at midnight. 😉
  4. https://thequietus.com/articles/28559-sly-the-family-drone-walk-it-dry-review https://thequietus.com/articles/28529-sly-and-the-family-drone-matt-cargill-interview-walk-it-dry New lead review and interview up at The Quietus!
  5. Nice one, that's a great release! Would love to see them both play together!
  6. London’s kings of noise Sly & The Family Drone follow up their 2019 Love Love LP ‘Gentle Persuaders’ with ‘Walk It Dry’, an 8 track LP collaboratively released by Love Love Records in the UK and Feeding Tube Records across the pond in the USA. ‘Walk It Dry’ utilises the familiar sound palette of scronked electronics, bulging noise blasts, wailing sax & Kalashnikov drums that was found on ‘Gentle Persuaders’ but is a very a different beast. The tracks here are shorter and punchier as the band digs deeper than ever to find increasingly potent sonic pockets. Bolstered with a directional force rare in this strain of noise the album begins at the deep end with ‘A Black Uniformed Strutting Animal’, a raucous cacophony backed by a thick groove, before the bleeps and bloops of ‘Dead Cat Chaos Magician’ kick in, sounding like a haunting in the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. ‘Swearing On The Horns’ is a folk-sludge ditty scraping through a psychic wormhole that exits at the feet of ‘Bulgarian Steel’ - a grimacing march punctuated with metallic screams where the sax becomes an overstressed alarm siren. ‘Shrieking Grief’, with its rapid fire drum rolls and megaton payloads of pummelling noise, concludes the A side loudly. Side B opens with stretched-out droning layers and winding loops on ‘Sunken Disorderly’, providing a gloomy refuge for some cosmic meditation. The album at this point converges into the morbidly fascinating black and white horror of ‘My Torso Is A Shotgun’, perhaps the most widescreen and immediate example of the band’s progression, before playing out with the deathly lament of ‘Tsukiji’. A suitable soundtrack to the end-times. Available on Bandcamp: https://loveloverecords.bandcamp.com/ releases July 17, 2020 All Tracks by Sly & The Family Drone Artwork by www.kazlandart.com
  7. Also, don't forget to tune into BBC Radio 6 tonight at 9pm for a special quarantine guest mix from the man himself on Tom Ravenscroft's show! https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000h8vq ?
  8. Out now!! Available to stream on Youtube and Spotify, if that's how you roll! https://open.spotify.com/album/6QfUAH7PIUqeSO2tMRcdXi?si=opTyC7hhRFS9KLuz0DEGTw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ScSUiMbs7io&list=PL-6BAOAVqTTxRKbZxkZzolU35p7T0D0IT
  9. DJ Mag getting in on the action! ? https://djmag.com/music/premiere-dgohn-lucky-gonk?
  10. Another track premiere on Drum&Bass Arena! Out next Friday ?
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