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  1. Thanx for sharing :] Couple of tracks up on our Youtube channel.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1kKf1bpuyI
  2. Hey guys, thought I'd post this here in case any of you guys were into it. New release on Love Love coming very soon....don't worry, we will be releasing some acid soon! ;) ------------------------------------------------------ ‘Gentle Persuaders’ is the Love Love debut from London based neo-noise-jazz outfit Sly & The Family Drone. In the form of a four track long player, Sly vomit forth a smooth serving of curious and clattering noise not devoid of fun. With the ingredients of shattering baritone saxophone, splurges of analogue noise, rolling drum derangements and snarling feedback it is immediately clear that these formidable noise-mongers have honed their methods of ear-attack adeptly. Textural spaces are peppered with bouts of densely packed controlled-chaos creating a tension that builds almost imperceptibly until the crushing pay-off that comes with the final track. The politest of bludgeonings, ‘Gentle Persuaders’ has a real sense of cohesion and style, at times subtle and at others shudderingly direct. With their unusual and interactive live shows, the group cut their teeth stunning the audiences of punk and noise scenes across the UK and Europe. Now, Sly & The Family Drone present their most complete recording to date; a rush of sheer ataxia ushering in a new age of noise. Available to pre-order on 12" and all digital formats from www.loveloverecords.net releases April 26, 2019
  3. It's time for our end of year Bandcamp sale! For the next two weeks you can get a 30% discount on EVERYTHING using the code: BIGLOVE www.loveloverecords.net
  4. Out now! https://open.spotify.com/album/0em4GvSxZm6JpNonDmj7lk?si=6BMACk1_RAyy7YktFrXxkg
  5. Pre-order link: https://loveloverecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-new-selecta-vol-2 Rognvald, aka Richard Wilson, returns at full throttle with part 2 of 'The New Selecta'. Rognvald’s unique future-old skool sound continues to evolve in this release, the third 12" in his WIFE series. You will travel into unknown subterranean territory with ‘The New Selecta’, exploring the limits of break choppage and granular sound design on a loved and familiar soundscape, as well as 2 dread filled cuts of swampy ambient reductions. Using a minimal sound palette to maximal effect, Rognvald deconstructs and abstracts the tropes of old skool jungle. Blending blunted breaks with burrowing subatomic sinewaves, euphoric rave vocals lead to a nuclear ruffneck ecstacy. The future of jungle is yet to come.... After nearly two decades working predominately under the Beatwife alias, Richard began his project 'Rognvald' focusing on a more break driven jungle sound that flirts with dub and ragga. He has always developed and used his own scratch-built software. Working as an engineer for both Vestax and the Casio Corporation while living in LA has enabled him to gain access to special prototype hardware. Now based in Glasgow, Richard has been dazzling crowds with his visceral live P.A. shows TRACKLIST: A1. Selecta Scene A2. Snare Drums B1. Amen Conductor B2. Tranquilizer
  6. Wehey! https://loveloverecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-new-selecta-vol-2
  7. Video for 'Don't Tell Me What To Do'
  8. Some of you guys might be into this possibly..... As contrived and absurd as it seemed, we all knew that this day would eventually come. Refrigerate the Holstens, draw for the baggie, bust out the mustard, and prepare to respect it: it’s time for GEEZER, the debut LP from loveable idiots ONA SNOP. Twenty minutes of unrelenting disorientation sees these foolish scamps recklessly tear through 18 brand-new tracks of freaky fastcore to keep your head banging and your mind boggling. Download the album for FREE or buy the limited CD version here: https://bit.ly/2zCK3cc Ona Snop Facebook: https://bit.ly/2NctZ4k Love Love Records Facebook: https://bit.ly/2N9bs8Z Written by George Wright, Henry Gibson, Joseph Kerry and Kallum Ingham. Produced and mastered by Ian Boult. Artwork by T Bare McClough. Fun trivia: George Wright is Alex Lenkemz younger brother! :]
  9. Thanks for sharing Daddy! Tracks have been played on some radio shows over the last week or so and a load of wicked hardcore producers and DJs have been giving them a spanking at gigs I imagine. We spent a good while [about 10 moon cycles I think] picking the tracks to make sure this record was as most psychotic as possible!
  10. Real class stuff!! We're putting him on in Birmingham this September if anyone fancies it, should be a wicked night! - https://bit.ly/2m8HtDi
  11. Nice one! Aye, the venue's really wicked. It's got a wicked rig and really sound staff too! :]
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