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  1. Her's the reply I got from Fred after pointing out some aesthetic blunders in the new artwork: "It's a point of view... but not Dave's"
  2. Only recently found out about Dopefist and that "Does Everyone Feel This Way?' track is probably my most listyened to track of the last month. And now it's gettiong released 😄
  3. https://nebulaerecords.bandcamp.com/album/w49b 1.Curios - Warbling Tundra 2.Lee - Kindred (Mause's Breakbeat Bonanza Mix) 3.António Sá - The Mnlg 4.Rico Casazza & CPSL - 11.11 5.Caramel Chameleon - Strobed Alabastro 6.Dopefist - Does Everyone Feel This Way 7.Adhesive - Trisolaran 8.Uf0 - I Like Your Girlfriend That B- side 😲😍
  4. Don't forget this one + some other tracks on that channel All artwork is also by Mattias himself btw There's a lot more old stuff that isn't in this thread, the misc folder is about 1,5Gb.
  5. Is this not included in the archive and mega links? I've got an mp3 if someone can update them
  6. I feel like I've heard this guy before
  7. Very nice people at the label, love how they always send a picture of them delivering the packages at the postoffice.
  8. Got my tape in the mail last week along with a nice wedding acid group mixtape that´s got 2 j mono bonus tracks. Great selection of tracks on redate II, like it more than the first one
  9. last 10 copies of the repress https://www.store.subwaxbcn.com/product/fe-013/
  10. Go my copy, nr. 100/100 Dom did a great job picking out the best tracks. A+ release
  11. Automatic Tasty's best release yet IMO, listened to these tracks a lot when they were up on soundcloud. Digital out tomorrow, 12" august 13th https://wrongisland.bandcamp.com/album/a-farewell-to-reason
  12. Love how they mix afx-.9421.... in the background of kaotic chemostry-illegal subs at 11:21:00 they did the same mix in one of their previous sessions.
  13. That makes almost 99 hrs of autechre marathon sessions total, they should have gone a bit longer. Here's a download link for them all: https://mega.nz/#F!m41xiA4R!k9ywnV6kN0_lNMk7LBUrrA If anyone has got better tracklists please let me know.
  14. Nice tracks, nice artists and nice artwork No brainer
  15. https://trackermatte.bandcamp.com/track/uploaded-for-friend
  16. It's legit, I'm pretty sure they have played some of it on one of their marathon sessions, or at least some of the tracks that are mixed the same way.
  17. MNLTH109 was suposed to be a bonus release for those who bought the whole set or 2 cassettes. The preview was a bunch of snippets (12min) but I don't think Ridge was on there. It was still on his soundcloud (private link) about two weeks ago but now it's taken down.
  18. Great EP! There is a message taped to the inside of the mailer in binary code, took me half an hour to type that in correctly :D
  19. Copies in stock here for those who haven't got one https://outofjointrecords.com/
  20. Mmmmmmmmmmmm mmmm Mmmmmmmmm ummmmmm ah MmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMmmmmmmm Aiuh MmmmmmmmmmMmmmmmmmmMMMMmm Aiouh Uuuuuuu Uuuuuu Uuu Uaaah Uuuuu uUuuuuU uu Uaaah MmmmmmmMmmmmm Aiah MmmmmmmmmmmMmmmmmmmMMmmmm Aiah Uuuu Uuuu Uuuu Uuuu Uaaah Uuuuuuu Uuuu Uuuuuuuu uuuu UuuUAH Mmmmmmmmm Uh AhAhahah Uuaaahoooouuuhh Mmmmmyyaaaahhhh Mmmmmmm Mmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmuuuaaoooo MmmmmAaaaueeeeeuuuuu do J'aime faire des croquettes au chien Laaa Laaaaaa LAa Laaa La Laaaa Laaaa LaaLaaLaaaa LA LA la Laaaaa Laaaaa LAaaaLaaa Laa La Laaaaaa Laa LAaaaa LA Laaaa La La Laaaa MmmmmmmmmmmMMmmmmmmmmmmAaauuiiiooo MmmmMmmmMmmmmmmmmmAiaia DudududududududududuUuuuuUUUUUUU MmmmmmmmmmMmmmmMmmmmmAiah MmmmmmmmmmmmMmmmMmmMmmmmAiah! Aouuuuhhh Ummmmmmmm Mmm MmmmmmMmmm MmmmmAaaaauuuuoooooooo Aaaaaaooooooouuuuuu Aaaaaaaeeeeaaaaeeeeooooo
  21. Add anil lal on facebook and turn on notifications. He should announce on facebook what time they go on sale, he did that with the last couple EPs.
  22. Digital for english beach just released http://bot1500.bandcamp.com/album/english-beach-ep?from=fanpub_fnb
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