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  1. Cool track!! And it's downloadable, whoop whoop!!! Maybe a beginning of a new dump??
  2. Can anyone mirror the link? Already reached the limit... Edit: holy shit, those first tracks are just magnificent...
  3. Here's my up of this set - i bassed it up and normalized it then amped it <-only "remastering " I did. anyone know the original user so i can credit him/her? ITs not in the drive textfile... https://www.mixcloud.com/keyfumbler/aphex-twin-coachella-weekend-1-2019/ the owner's reddit alias is 'feedmenik'. Thanks, hadn't listened to that one yet, so will try it. Have a long drive ahead so wanted it badly...
  4. Dropbox link doesn't work anymore. Can anyone share it somewhere else???
  5. Listened to that set today at work. Got this desk where I can stand or sit at and was shaking my ass off while standing there with headphones on. Truly a great set and great work on the sound!!! Thanks a lot.
  6. Weird, the teddy bears seem to be out of stock already.
  7. Yeah really like the vibe in this track! New shit imminent? 😁
  8. Just got an email from warp announcing a second chance to buy Aphex goodies in LA and online later on. Might go for it this time!
  9. Been listening to the set during my workday, must say it's really nice!!!
  10. He seems to have played a lot of his own tracks, love that! Clissold 101, wauuuwwwww!!!
  11. How was it you guys?? Any new tracks spotted?
  12. The Houston tracks are up on the store at the moment. Under tracks!!!
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