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  1. Headphones is a must on this EP. So many subtleties that otherwise are lost... I really can't choose a favourite.
  2. We can definitely say it WORKS!
  3. The mfm album would surely be at the top of my wishlist. but any new release would do for me now, come one Richard, it's time!!!
  4. Haven't been here for a whole while now. It was also a while ago since I put on those sc tracks. Jesus, it put me straight on memory lane... It's like those were more sunnier times...
  5. Always loved this track! And I think I remember readeing it was the first time he was singing on a track ever.
  6. Is anyone still updating this list: https://archive.org/details/AphexTwinAllUser18081971SoundcloudTracks
  7. There is, it's Herr Jan's post. Am not sure if it's completely up to date though.
  8. Has anyone noticed that the Drukqs album is sold out on the store? Does this mean the digitals are also there for a limited amount of time? Plus on the home page scrolling all the way down there is two sentences "Old Mastered Cassettes (Soundclown)" written on it. Has this been there for a while or is this new, can't remember if I've seen it or not. EDIT: my bad, i was on the vinyl/cd page... Nevermind
  9. Love this album so much, and got even better with all the store add ons. Sekonda is one of my fav aphex tracks. Cannot until this day understand it didn't make the album or a release on its own. Anyhow, it took me awhile to 'get' this album, one day I heard what he had done, combining the soft melodies of ambient music with the crazy hectic drums. That moment for me was mind blowing. Think my fav track is Start as you mean to go on.
  10. Don't think so. But could be mistaken, since all the adds on the aphex store, can't keep them apart anymore that well.
  11. I find myself listening more to Chosen Lords honestly. It's all the analord goodness crammed together. PWSteal.Ldpinch.D is definitely my favourite, maybe together with Fenix Funk and Boxing Day... oh yeah and Cilonen. Oh what the hell I like all of them!
  12. Great ep. The paris track is just great. The first time I heard that techno beat come in, I found it a bit strange, but now I think it fits perfectly.
  13. I agree, also shared nice stories and feelings about his dad in the comments.
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