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  1. I just want to offer my sincere condolences to Richard for losing his dad. Aside of anything else he posted which you may or may not agree with, losing a family member is tough. My own father is going through a battle against lung cancer and can't imagine the pain of losing him, even though I know sooner or later I will have to face it. So, Richard hope you are okay and wish you all the best and thanks again for all your great music!
  2. I came across this video on Youtube, anyone know if it's real Steinvord or not? Same guy also uploaded the track 'room'. Anyway, i like the track!
  3. Thanks for that piece of history! Kind of creepy to see all the comments made in those days about AFX. Especially in the light of how he appears post Syro.
  4. Can anyone explain to me the way he worked over the different eras in his career? He started off with analogue synths, then from RDJ album went to computer? Then from analord back to synths or is this too simplistic of me? His last sentence on the interview is just GREAT. And we all hope you will do that Richard. And it still won't be enough!!!
  5. Tamclap was indeed his favourite off the Sundcloud dump. I keep wondering how he feels about Drukqs as a whole. Wonder if he cherishes it like a lot of his fans do?
  6. This album seems to be blowing my mind. So I love it!
  7. Richard please, give us a Corona dump. Give it all you got, you know we'll even buy it multiple times later on!!!
  8. Rich and Tom are just one person! Jokes aside, this track is just fantastic. Also loving the new album. Teminal Slam is mindblowing!!!
  9. Really enjoying this album these last few days. It contains more uplifting tracks in the beginning and gets darker near the end. Really loving the energy.
  10. Just listened to it today for the first time, really loved it immediately. The rhythms are really nice and sounds are great. Really headphone music in my opinion!
  11. I was just about to ask you if you heard of HAB, since you said in your original post you didn't like the drums in his pre rdj album work? I think those ep's are maybe his most crazy work, especially when it comes to drums and percussions, and when he puts some of those melodies in them, my GOD!!!
  12. Weird track... Don't really know what to think of it.
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