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  1. intense frequencies! one of my favourites from you thus far.
  2. Not quite yet. I'll be sure to post again when I get some more pieces ready. I appreciate the listen!
  3. I have been using it since 1.xxx I've done bands, electronic music, live recordings, records, mastering-- It rules because it is quite flexible. It doesn't hold your hand, so some people get put off by that (I think).
  4. YES... that sort of tragic/nostalgic vibe is what attracted me to the instrument in the first place.
  5. Thank you @Joyrex, your kind words made my day. I am getting the sense that perhaps I should explore pedal steel ambient some more, gonna put some serious thought into it. I appreciate all the feedback here!
  6. Thanks everyone. Cool stuff @chassis - Eno is the man! Check out Daniel Lanois "Belladonna" album for more ambient steel too!! You might dig it.... Cheers.
  7. @rhmilo Have you tried Converge?
  8. I like the vibe of this track, a good late-summer track. Good melodies. I had to look up what a ZOIA was... what an interesting idea- at first glance seems like Jeskola Buzz in hardware form.
  9. I came here to see why WATMM is dying. And now I know.
  10. I like Tool I dislike their pseudo-intellectual hardcore fanbase who don't understand that they have been copping King Crimson for the last 20 years. But this track is boring. Sounds phoned in. Wish they'd stretch out a little and do some experimenting instead of recycling riffs and beats from their last 4 albums. But their power to start arguments on the internet are in full swing. LOL at buying a fucking CD that needs to charge to show "exclusive content". Waste of electronic components. Probably put together by children in Vietnam. Anyhow.....
  11. Any chump with a lighter can make fire. Lightning is clearly superior. anyways
  12. Chip -> Grind -> Demoscene -> Metal -> ambient / weird https://qualitycontrolalpha.bandcamp.com/album/the-ultimate-disappointment
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