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  1. dude that Ranier Landfermann is some next level shit! Very enjoyable thanks for posting. I always liked that Bethlehem album that he was on.
  2. Thanks Joyrex this is cool. I hate what spotify did I hate what napster did But A good way to let people hear your craft in this dystopian age.
  3. This video is about guitar pedals (behringer) but he does an interesting bit at the beginning about how massive and all encompassing it all is.
  4. Got my Denver Tix! Stoked!
  5. holy fucking zombie thread somebody kill it
  6. Hey I like Paysage D'Hiver too, but I'm not sure how that project is "better" ?
  7. Thanks for sharing that Kvelgeyst, that's some wild stuff! Another favourite of mine from Switzerland
  8. intense frequencies! one of my favourites from you thus far.
  9. Not quite yet. I'll be sure to post again when I get some more pieces ready. I appreciate the listen!
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