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  1. I think what is so hard about this subject is that there is no right or wrong answer because everyone has a different situation. I could go on about how I find the time but it won't matter because my circumstance is unique to me. It really comes down to the choices you make, how you treat your time, and your resources. What sucks is that nobody has the same amount or quality of all of those things. But it can change, and that's my point I guess.
  2. a new one from me, always stuff in the works, this one may change
  3. oh man so much ideology here. don't forget that we are just animals aware of our imminent demise, we are subject to stupid things like greed and malice. honestly, what is most harmful, especially in the USA is that we have abstracted everything beyond comprehension. the system of capitalism requires exploitation at the bottom layer, much like serfdom, and slave driven economies-- we've just off-shored our slavery, you know? all for this ridiculous consumer culture. soon enough we will see real corporate dystopian slavery when amazon.com owns everything try to remember that some part of the computer you are typing on has a good chance of being put together by a raped minority in an east asian country. the british exported their model to the whole fucking world, and the US was their superstar that broke away.
  4. I think Earth is good all 'round, but the last few didn't grab me. My personal fav: (Kurt Cobain makes an appearance here)
  5. Hello Friends Here is a compilation of most of the pedal-steel ambient stuff I've done this year. I hope you enjoy. thank you for your support here. Take care of yourselves out there Selected Serotonin Ambien TWERKS | Clayton Cushman (bandcamp.com)
  6. nah bot metal is so one dimensional it's like if 15 kids played trendy metal on their phones at the same time.
  7. Hard work is a factor but not a common one Accessibility and gatekeeping is a factor that everyone seems to forget about when they are talking about artists like the beatles, big music biz, etc Right Place Right time is the rule I would argue. And speaking of the ultimate gatekeeper: that is what Spotify is posed to become. And the ultimate one, too because -- you have to subscribe Talent?? You want to know how many potential Mozarts, Paul McCartneys, Richard D Jameses, etc tolied to death in a coal mine, or lived as a slave somewhere, or was a peasant that died from diahrrea at age 16? More than you can count. The system is the problem, the system keeps everyone from being free. Some people, yes. Others, not so lucky.
  8. Free market capitalism brought us here folks- It's true. *We* are all a bit skewed because we all love music here. But the largely uneducated, non-critical thinking masses have decided that music is something you drive to, fuck to, make narcissistic video clips with, and it should just magically float thru the air with yr cell phone subscription. Just support the underground with money as much as you can. Enjoy it. That's the real shit.
  9. Anyone here have the original as well? I was one of those "lucky" kids buying vinyl in the 90's cuz it was cheap.
  10. I was not expecting this! I've been a Hum fan since the 90's - saw them open for Smashing Pumpkins in Wisconsin Something about this new album is throwing me off but I'm gonna keep at it. I heard the drummer had quit to sell pharmaceuticals or some fucking nonsense. Didn't know there were so many hum fans here haha
  11. The Draughton Light Very nice. Great atmosphere It reminded me of Terminator 1 OST in the best possible way.
  12. hey this is rad. it sounds real nice too... nice engineering cheers
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