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  1. anyone into vatican shadow? the brand new tape is a split/collaboration with salford electronics (david padbury from the grey wolves) pretty dope
  2. whitehouse are great, few projects set my brain on fire as effectively most people will point you towards their "digital era", in particular Bird Seed as a starting point, but i much prefer Cruise. to be honest, the 2016 compilation The Sound Of Being Alive is probably your best starting point, containing all """"the hits"""" (gag). but it will certainly give you a crash course in what the boys are about, and, you get all the best cuts of the Peter Sotos era releases like Mummy And Daddy without his exploitation sample collage tracks, that i'm not really a fan of. it depends on your taste, man. if you like old-world industrial then go through their discography chronologically starting with Birthdeath Experience. that would be edifying for sure.
  3. they were released for one day only - you might have missed your chance... unless you find them in a bush ofc i'm digging them. but that might be because i love tape saturation and "lo-fi" recordings in general; there's less structure to the tracks and they definitely function more as sketchbooks of ideas rather than stipulated releases. but, i like that immediacy and rawness(?)
  4. it's true what are your favourite Sunn O))) releases? i've really been enjoying the Life Metal demos/rehearsals that were released for "Bandcamp day" last week BWOOOOOO
  5. 294! 293 if you dont count the reupload of blue carpet. via a user on discogs: there were 280 tracks released on the user48736353001 / user18081971 soundcloud between 2015 and 2016.(again, some of these were previously released with the syrobonkers interview trax)the google doc for the user48736353001 / user18081971 soundcloud only lists 278 tracks but two of them were released in multiple versions:Uchoob Trax Links1 Lmt--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------the user18081971 soundcloud (2018 - present)281 Popcorn (removed from soundcloud)282 CIRCLONT12A Syro[ace].WAV283 Barbican1 Rehearsal Seq1 [Remote Control Orchestra]284 138 - 0204 - Blue Carpet (previously released as Blue Carpet)285 Dont Let Me Startle You (removed from soundcloud)286 Raindrops On Roses287 Dark Horse Overlord Acid+7288 m11st lon289 prememory100N pt2290 tha2291 s8v1 [Brooklyn]292 Tha2 [World Scam Mix]293 qu 1294 Donkey Rhubarb [Remix[ALTmst2]] (previously released as 11 Donkey Rhubarb Remix)
  6. was this part of the dump? sounds familiar but i can't place it
  7. anyone know anything about this? posted yesterday on artist ben drury's (mo wax / TTT) instagram account... allegedly pre-AB!
  8. can someone upload this one? i missed it pretty pls https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2Y0YwntvMc
  9. oi oi! https://archive.org/details/Autechre1991-06-00
  10. so how long after the cheetah ep is released can we expect the soundcloud dump remaster bleepstore?
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