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  1. aaaaand the greatest release title of the year goes to... killer 2xCD compilation of all the old 12"s, remixes et cetera, alongside some newer tracks from recent years. dope! available directly from terre or at boomkat: https://www.comatonse.com/releases/c029.html https://boomkat.com/products/gayest-tits-greyest-shits-1998-2017-12-inches-one-offs nice to be able to own some of these trax without paying out the ass on the secondhand market
  2. holy crap, thanks for sharing this video! i loved this - so insightful and it's actually the first time i've seen the band's personalities beyond the same photos that everyone has already seen. great stuff
  3. hopefully we get the original version of frontier psychiatrist on here at least. as good as zomba is, i think it's safe to say that we'll never see the original versions of most of these trax officially released
  4. managed to cop the 4xLP and 2xCD! thank god seems as if the print isn't available in the UK, though? the british version of the avalanches store still doesn't seem to be live for the SILY reissue campaign. all i see is the new(ish) record. oh well, at least the 4xLP has a poster
  5. some great releases in the past couple weeks! Proof Of The Shooting - Demonstrative Evidence (4x CD): https://fustycunt.bigcartel.com/product/proof-of-the-shooting-demonstrative-evidence-4xcd awesome retrospective of this killer 90s artist, with packaging just as irreverent as the classic Sound Probe releases. pretty sure that's latex with vhs tape set in, will be a pain in the ass to open for sure. very excited about this one. apparently contains material from "2A", most of "8", "Uncut" tape split with Diagram A, the split with Skin Crime, the tape on Collapsed Hole, and unrele
  6. "some of them were listening to FUCKING WHAM DUDE"
  7. realthanks

    afx nft

    d e v i l i s h
  8. realthanks

    afx nft

    @cyanobacteria is the most intelligent person on this board and people HATE to see it
  9. the digital art market has to be a money laundering operation at this point no sane mind is buying $100k NFTs to own pepe the frog vectors, right? right?
  10. i am absolutely blown away by the year that troniks had in 2020 and 2021 is shaping up to be just as good. haters - future cheers reissue and now the MEGA ahlzagailzeguh 2xCD compilation. dope dope dope dope dope. thanks phil u are doing a bang up job m8 also new archival skin crime tape on hospital out now
  11. holy crap! yes!! time to binge all of paul's ambient techno mixes on soundcloud to prepare for this 🎧 https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/RZBVq
  12. computers use electricity? groundbreaking research... i read an interesting point somewhere else. it should be obvious to even the smoothest of brains that mining is significantly more profitable when using your own renewable energy. in fact it's only profitable at all with near-zero cost electricity, aka... excess capacity that would have been wasted because it costs too much to transport, e.g. hydro-dams in the middle of nowhere with not enough people around to consume all the power. now consider that excess capacity is a problem only renewable energy has (coal power plants never have e
  13. so, right now i have a collection of ~1000 records, CDs and tapes worth roughly £18k based on discogs median prices. i've been obsessed with the idea of buying a property recently (renting is shit) and figured if i liquidated most - if not all - of the collection, and dumped it into stocks/shares (index funds etc) and crypto, in a few years it would put me into a good position to put a deposit down on a house. but, i wonder if i would ever regret it. i have some special ones, and it's always a cool talking point or activity if people ever come round - maybe it would be a shame to dump them all
  14. his acting was great in the last episode. the PTSD scene had me actually reacting to star wars - what the fuck?
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