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  1. so, right now i have a collection of ~1000 records, CDs and tapes worth roughly £18k based on discogs median prices. i've been obsessed with the idea of buying a property recently (renting is shit) and figured if i liquidated most - if not all - of the collection, and dumped it into stocks/shares (index funds etc) and crypto, in a few years it would put me into a good position to put a deposit down on a house. but, i wonder if i would ever regret it. i have some special ones, and it's always a cool talking point or activity if people ever come round - maybe it would be a shame to dump them all
  2. his acting was great in the last episode. the PTSD scene had me actually reacting to star wars - what the fuck?
  3. finally got round to watching suspiria (1977), instantly became one of my favourite films. seriously blown away - it was stunning if not just for the visuals alone holy fuck! few things have made me audibly gasp like that
  4. too volatile a market for me. crypto is stressful, man! earlier in the year i took a ~£150 profit from chainlink, only for it to absolutely skyrocket less than a month later - could have taken ~£4k! when i have a more stable income i'll probably work towards building another portfolio, but for now, i'm out. can't deal with the constant phone notifications when coinbase tells me something has gone up/down 15% every hour or so... i'll stick to my index funds
  5. thanks! i'll check this one out. i grew up with oxygene around on repeat in the house, funnily enough, but never went beyond it @[email protected] exactly what i was looking for, thank you! i'm familiar with emeralds and steve hauschildt, which occasionally scratches the itch, but R+7 is just so unique. despite the obvious parallels with new age, kosmiche and berlin - even composers like reich/glass - for me it's almost nostalgic of something that doesn't exist. i guess that's what journalists meant when they called burial "hauntological..."
  6. isn't that the film with the infamous miscarriage scene?
  7. could i get some recommendations for more like this ridiculously good record? or music that it references? i'm at a bit of a loss i see people recommend stuff like the german school, but i have no idea where i start
  8. ^ i'm sure dahshat has an absolute banger of a disco title theme. andy votel used to play it all the time, might have seen a release on FK now that i think about it goddamn i need to watch some hindi horrorcore
  9. martyrs is a very, very heavy watch... prepare yourself! i didn't personally like it that much, not really to my taste, but it's undeniably great and well-realised nice to see mentions of hereditary. for sure one of the best recent horrors. endless love for toni collette. i think the pacing went wild towards the end (and the climax) which was a bit jarring. tbh the family drama was almost more disturbing than the ghastly antics... just superbly acted all-round
  10. you should check out lake mungo! it's more of a slow-burner and a mediation on grief rather than a straight up shocker. but it's truly disturbing and honestly still haunts me it's shot in a faux-documentary style but there's a found footage section and jesus christ *THAT* scene will fuck you up, promise
  11. what horror/slasher films are you guys planning to watch on the run-up to halloween? any favourites? would love some recommendations or indeed just to start a comfy horror film thread my watchlist at the moment: Halloween I, II and 2018 Phantasm (1979) Suspiria (1987) Blood and Black Lace (1964) The Hills Have Eyes (1977) Evil Dead I & II, plus Army of Darkness Romero's early Dead anthology - Night of the Living Dead (1968), Dawn of the Dead (1978) and Day of the Dead (1985). maybe Zombi 2 (1979) too! Carpenter's The Fog (1980) For
  12. yeah! i much prefer the ambient style of dom's stuff. really impressed with this in the end. i wouldn't call it the frozen niagara falls of the VS project, but it seems to synthesize all his previous styles into one cohesive, stipulated album format. very excited for future VS releases if they're going to be this strong. 20 buck spin actually hinted to me that there would be future VS releases on the label, so i'm imagining a follow-up, supplemental EP like when you were crawling was to remember your black day. moving secret money might actually be one of the lushest and, uh, "orchestrate
  13. retrospective Female compilation just announced via hospital productions! apparently collects (almost) every track that was released through downwards and sandwell district. i'm not sure which ones are missing, though. nice to have these collected in line with the regis - adolescence box and the surgeon collection via tresor! tracks remastered by justin broadrick, but weirdly from vinyl transfers and not master tapes or digital files. https://hospitalproductions.net/collections/music/products/female-pleasures-that-kill-5xcd-box https://hospitalproductions.bandcamp.com/album/pleasures
  14. dan is super grounded and has a great sense of humour. really happy for his success - dude deserves it! i'd recommend checking out his RBMA interview to anyone who hasn't already. real insightful and the guy knows his stuff re. music, art and philosophy
  15. anyone else get an email from the ninja tune newsletter saying to call a phone number? a creepy modulated voice picks up and plays you 45-sec clips of the tracks. pretty dope
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