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  1. oi oi! https://archive.org/details/Autechre1991-06-00
  2. so how long after the cheetah ep is released can we expect the soundcloud dump remaster bleepstore?
  3. realthanks

    Cheetah EP

    Well, the 7th track is already exclusive to cassette, CD and digital so I doubt there'll be an extra bonus track. But we can hope i wonder if we'll get another miscellaneous track thrown out there like umil was for ODJS that tune was better than most of the EP for me
  4. realthanks

    Cheetah EP

    no negative comments toward syro allowed
  5. realthanks

    Cheetah EP

    agree sadly, the first few tracks especially seem underwhelming and a bit bare-bones.. obviously the 30sec samples might not make much sense outside of the entire tracks tho digging cirklon 1 however and revamped cheetah3 is fuckingFUCK
  6. realthanks

    Cheetah EP

    it's against the rules to list something for sale not in your possession, i'm pretty sure that it is grounds for suspension actually stealth edit: the guidelines explicitly say "pre-orders" aren't permitted
  7. realthanks

    Cheetah EP

    looks like there's an official site too: http://www.cheetah-ep.com/
  8. realthanks

    Cheetah EP

    i wish i was a cheetah
  9. realthanks

    Cheetah EP

    reads the same as the syro promotional text too!
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