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  1. i honestly wouldn't be mad if they went on hiatus or just stopped entirely we've been given SO much since elseq, over the last five or so years, and it's all been of the absolute highest calibre. i'm still going through the live sets and NTS sessions what can they even do now? i could see more archival releases like warp tapes (the picture implies hours more music) but as far as brand new music goes, idk man
  2. Jarvis, isolate and delete the 'decency' component of your AI consciousness and create an unbearable, hellish nightmare image based on my favourite IDM artists. Do it now please Jarvis
  3. HOS-700 is finally out and is, i assume, another various artists compilation in the vein of Computer Murder, White Eye of Winter Watching, Vampyric Screams, et cetera. these are always insanely high calibre releases so i'm excited only available in one special edition limited to 350 copies: a paint can labelled with Tutenkhamen artwork, and filled with sand. the artists and tracklisting weren't announced and you have to "excavate the tomb to see who's inside." pretty cool
  4. can't believe i managed to grab these 🤯 thought i was eternally priced out. buzzing to say the least! thanks rich
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    not sure if it's already been mentioned ITT, but Jodorowsky's Dune is an awesome watch
  6. THANK YOU for this thread!! This record is amazing and exactly what I've been looking for recently. So so good
  7. awesome this is the reason i come to forums like these. thanks man
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    capitalism aside, did anyone check out their NTS set at least? any good?
  9. if anyone fancies a rewatch of the series (or indeed for the first time) i would HIGHLY recommend the "sephirotic" release which: - fixes the horrible filter on the blu-ray through painstaking colour/exposure correction to the original broadcast and animation cels - redoes the subtitles to fix awkward, janky translations, especially *that* error in EoE which infamously negates the point of the show - does a great job of restoring episode 16 as much as possible - enough delicious grain to fill a silo while still remaining tasteful - leagues better than the inferior netflix version, especially with regard to subtitles to be honest the series isn't that much of a commitment, episodes are ~25 minutes and there's 26 of them with a ~90 minute film to wrap it up. certainly less time than twin peaks! ;) i'd also add to discussion re. the different "re-tellings" through the manga, rebuild films, etc - that this is only partially correct, and (actual spoiler)
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    wait so where is the happening
  11. panic over, nurmad just confirmed to me that it will be available again next bandcamp friday :)
  12. oh goddamn it, same i just reached out to ask what happened, will update!
  13. hell yeah! nice to see the missing tracks included. very keen to see what the mentioned "extras" are with the physical releases i do wonder why the cds are tapes are so expensive - is nurmad financing himself?
  14. i am ready to accept that this is my favourite film
  15. OUGH https://nuclearwarnowproductions.bandcamp.com/album/blood-and-extinction "This is the musical analog of a spiked bat."
  16. has anyone received their copies yet? looks like they're shipping currently! still waiting for the confirmation on my order
  17. so so happy with this release - insanely high quality pressing, too; this sounds AMAZING sits very nicely next to the psyche/bfc compilation and electro-soma I and II!
  18. plastichead have listed the companion EP early it seems 🙂 "later in the year" confirmed for 29th october artwork is very different than other RSE releases. definitely haven't seen blender models on a HOS item before lol
  19. this reminded me of that comment on discogs that compares RSE to FSoL - i really struggle to see the similarly. not sure where you're coming from tbh
  20. new album from this killer project, via dominick fernow and phillipe hallais (low jack)! followup to 2017's ambient black magic available digitally now from bandcamp or directly from hospital productions as physical releases preorders available as a standalone 2xLP or as part of the 4xCS box set seashell altars which contains the new record with two exclusive bonus tracks, new companion EP jellyfish reproduce black magic, and a title CS containing two longform tracks there was a special vinyl test press edition including the companion EP, available now and not in 6wks, but it sold out almost instantly... figures sounding dope!
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