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  1. Hated it when I first listened to it. Seemed like a step down from the debut. I even preferred the Hmm EP than this It’s growing on me though. Let’s Go is a banger
  2. the represses of luxury problems/too many voices/faith in strangers are out! be quick!
  3. RA seems to like it a lot as well https://ra.co/reviews/33921
  4. https://youtu.be/TKUJTRWEHvI So good
  5. jockstrap is fine though this however... 🤢
  6. i had high hopes after listening to that track that sounded like Barker, turned out its the only song like that
  7. Yeah it’s this track. I think he played this ages ago live https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/7aXXrZMzbidimcHz7 Had no idea it’s going to be this song. It’s perfect! Another one too add to my Arthur Russell collection lol
  8. The record arrived yesterday! A week late than streaming platforms but worth waiting And it came with a surprise white label. Only 1 track though but absolutely worth it
  9. 2 songs in on Spotify but I feel like waiting for the record would be the best...
  10. New song sounds like Andy Stott doing the cure mixed with 90s shoegazy singing
  11. Instabuy Apparently there might be a bonus white label included. A few months back Modern Love tweeted about it
  12. The anniversary edition is sold out at Elektron store but a retailer near mine has one Perfect timing as I was looking to get one this month, but I actually do prefer the grey version. Black is boring and every other grooveboxes are in black
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