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  1. ffs same date as le guess who
  2. ye was thinking that going. floating points would be incredible too shame mira festival is on the same date
  3. Xenia Rubios singing over the top on this one but goes well with the track methinks
  4. Idk what happened to clark
  5. Not yet But it's lunch time now... Can someone please record it?
  6. Is this opn? That last Lorenzo Senni track ❤️
  7. smh everyone recorded that one but I just coulnd't find weak flylo shit
  8. Proper late but I finally got Persona 5 on sale and haven't stopped playing since
  9. Anyone recorded flylo earlier?
  10. Feck I woke up late. Missed Clark, why so early 0_o
  11. Which opn is this one? Is it the final show of tour? Would be nice to hear Moses Sumney singing Animals again
  12. Huh is that a TV app or something
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