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  1. The anniversary edition is sold out at Elektron store but a retailer near mine has one Perfect timing as I was looking to get one this month, but I actually do prefer the grey version. Black is boring and every other grooveboxes are in black
  2. I'm not looking for a mono synth but hey it has afx logo on it so why not I'm in the market for a poly synth though, was hoping it was a peak collab
  3. Aww not a mono synth again 😞 Was hoping for at least a peak
  4. Hardware trackers seem so weird to use Hopefully it’s a peak or bass station
  5. and this is the song which comes after the shania twain one on the album... i honestly have no idea what to expect next
  6. they say the new ryzen 4000 series will be out next month. I don’t think it’s a coincidence...
  7. Wait what i just ordered it a minute ago along with new Actress seems to be in stock still
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