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  1. New song sounds like Andy Stott doing the cure mixed with 90s shoegazy singing
  2. Instabuy Apparently there might be a bonus white label included. A few months back Modern Love tweeted about it
  3. The anniversary edition is sold out at Elektron store but a retailer near mine has one Perfect timing as I was looking to get one this month, but I actually do prefer the grey version. Black is boring and every other grooveboxes are in black
  4. I'm not looking for a mono synth but hey it has afx logo on it so why not I'm in the market for a poly synth though, was hoping it was a peak collab
  5. Aww not a mono synth again 😞 Was hoping for at least a peak
  6. Hardware trackers seem so weird to use Hopefully it’s a peak or bass station
  7. and this is the song which comes after the shania twain one on the album... i honestly have no idea what to expect next
  8. they say the new ryzen 4000 series will be out next month. I don’t think it’s a coincidence...
  9. Wait what i just ordered it a minute ago along with new Actress seems to be in stock still
  10. yeah no physical release so far the "CD" thing is just to separate the different 'styles' as the album is split into 7 parts - drum, guitar, piano, supersaw, nord etc
  11. The range of styles is quite ridiculous, I've never heard an album like it honestly How can you jump from songs like "undying" to "note velocity" to "triptych demon"....
  12. ROOMS vapor city is pretty ok but didnt age that well compared to rooms
  13. 2nd track is actually an old track. First heard it on Benji B’s BBC show years back, can’t remember exactly when.. I suppose during Rooms, it sounds like it’s from that period And thank fuck he left the whole crystal healing thing
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