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  1. Sick festival 

    Bogdan’s set was full on 150-160bpm rave (until you cry), Clark was overwhelming that someone actually passed out they had to stop his set for like 10-15 mins

    And Squarepusher was amazing as always. He played this tune that I don’t think I’ve heard before? Can anyone tell me if this is a new track or something that I completely missed? I managed to get only the second half of it 

    This track

    @phudoshin you might know maybe?

  2. 1 hour ago, phudoshin said:

    what else you see?

    My highlights were:

     - autchre being more autechre than ever

    - moshing to lightning bolt

    - discovering Idles and how they're woke AF

    - Richard Dawson loopiness

    - NOT queueing for drinks but exiting festival to hotel across the road bar which was 1000 x faster

    Hahah I knew it! Danced so hard to squarepusher it had to be someone from this forum, had to check out and I was right!

    Saw ae too, blown away as usual but I sat near the door and people kept coming in and out with flashlights from their phones, which killed the whole vibe. They should have limited entry after the show started, like most of ae shows I’ve been before. Otherwise it was a great set, sounded very NTS-y with bits of synth from SIGN/PLUS. The last 15 mins were mindblowingly good

    Pavement were excellent. Caribou and Jamie xx were ok. Evian Christ was great. Ran into a Spanish band called Za! at the Ouigo and they blew my mind, what a find! 

    Was at the Young Turks showcase at Laut watching Two Shell and somehow got introduced to a guy who happened to be Danny Harle’s booking agent and so went to red58 and got on the guest list lol

    You’re right about the hotel. I stayed at sb diagonal which was just outside the fest and stocked up on ammunition in the room

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  3. On 5/27/2022 at 9:24 AM, phudoshin said:

    I'm ready - say hi/ola!

    Old school DJ set?

    Vic Acid Set?

    New material?image.thumb.jpeg.7d4ca18d1063117b0efe362969bd2a2c.jpeg






    That was you in glasses?!! I was the one dancing next to you lovely Irish lads wearing an arthur russell shirt, think I told you about the oberlove chords during the intro 



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