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  1. there's an angel in the shower is lush as f0k m8


    i'm only just getting into Actress properly. i've listened to and enjoyed his stuff before but it hasn't really stuck in my memory. recently though it's completely resonating with me. on first listen i'd say this is better than Ghettoville and Hazyville but not quite reaching R.I.P. or Splazsh levels.


    + angel in the shower


    fwiw that boxset on ninjatune is still 50% off


    Peak magnetic sounds so weird and unlike Clark... I duno how am I supposed to feel

    I mean it does sound like him at a point but

  2. was hoping for him to play this when I saw him in London last year. he played mostly GOD songs and music for steamed rocks... nothing else. He played in London last month too but not sure if this was played...






    If you get the chance... go see this tour, Garden of Delete is fucking intense live.

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