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  1. was hoping for him to play this when I saw him in London last year. he played mostly GOD songs and music for steamed rocks... nothing else. He played in London last month too but not sure if this was played...






    If you get the chance... go see this tour, Garden of Delete is fucking intense live.


    May need to start trawling the YouTubes and test uploading to Merlin in order to see if any of the live gems make it on this album. I'm hopeful that the plucked Ovaley sound of this banger means it might make it. I've been caning the shit out of it for nearly 2 years now. The climax at 2:43 causes involuntary devil horns



    I remember this lovely gem. After Four Tet's comment on the album sounding like "EDC 2018", I'm 99% sure it'll make it on there.




    Here's a better version of it




    (sorry no idea how to post a youtube video)

  3. Fuck that was amazing. Battles didn't really play much new stuff after all but they played one that sounded like Supertramp being ran over by a horde of Huns. Also Clark had two female modern dancers sorta with him. What a night !


    The first song was pretty nice. The last one which they 'swapped for Tonto' was pretty interesting until they dragged it for 10 mins with the same riff then everyone wished they played Tonto instead of that


    Crap I should've seen your post that you're going there as well, was a bit bored being all alone and no weed. I was being an ass staring at kids smoking weed and when we made eye contact I'd ask them for some in barely tolerable French accented English

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