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  1. XFest 2021 online https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNOIWxItbNw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlcFwPfjDGI
  2. I clearly tilt sometimes. But a good part about it is, that every time i tilt, no matter the side, i kinda feel new. It feels like being a spoon.
  3. If all of that is true. These people must have read Umberto Eco's Il pendolo di Foucault. Brilliant.
  4. What aesthetic is key for this divided ocean?
  5. Ash tree consumption. Vivid cell disruption is a lifestyle for kraut fanatics. We could do similar things, but why would we? We can cans in cans, so we shouldn't would. I'm convinced.
  6. The old fades to thank you. But i can still. But only the new seems to thrill. Can you conchill?
  7. He's a perfect interview target for all gas no breaks. Lovely! 🍔
  8. I mostly accept your narrative, but you misjudge the echo chamber problem. Everyone and their mothers minds are already echo chambers. The more self reflection anyone does, the worse it gets. Echo chambers on the net are just the metallurgic fusion of these chambers. It's all giant brain bubbles, everywhere. You cannot escape, because society drank from little bottle in its shaving kit and uses social media as a coagulation system to finally end up with a stroke.
  9. Thicc Deepsong. Is there any way we can feed that beast ourselves?
  10. SIGN PLUS or PLUS SIGN Think about it.
  11. Trap? Cowbells? Acid? I kinda feel being trolled, all the more reason to buy the vinyl.
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