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  1. He is a reptilian shape shifter, just compare the iris patterns on earlier non shopped photos. You'll see.
  2. Richard D. James and Kayne West are in fact the same person. It's time for all of you to confess and repent.
  3. https://psychotronic.bandcamp.com/track/tod-durch-klosp-hlung
  4. A track of noisy music featuring a text that was written using a technique that selects words from deep learning text generator whenever the writer thinks to much about the next words and therefore brings to much of his own ego into it. Exterminate all rational thoughts. https://electronicattack.de/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=157
  5. How do meat eating plants fit into these concepts?
  6. It's nice to fiddle around with tech like that. My current writing process is as follows: I use deepai https://deepai.org/machine-learning-model/text-generator which offers the possibility to hand in a group of words and it then predicts a resulting text. So i start with a random group of words, just the first thing that comes to my mind. Enter it in the interface and run it. Then i scan the text for a group of words that i find interesting, that hook me. I write down a sentence or multiple around them, but only stuff that my brain hands me to complete the group of words. To make a sentence out of it or something that makes at least half way sense. As soon as i get stuck with it, meaning that i notice that i have to think to much about the answer, i'll stop myself and start scanning the generated text again for something that completes it. If i cannot find something or the outcome feels to boring then i hit the regeneration button again. If I cannot find something in the generated texts after a few clicks, i change the input text for the AI with parts of the last thing i wrote and continue. The most important part is to stop your consciousness from putting to much of your own ego into the writing, to much of your own thoughts. A writers ego is the most boring thing that he could use. I also want to produce texts that have a kind content that swings with it, and gives it poetic meaning but are generally gibberish. Like emotion that can be found in noise tracks. Anyways, so here is the last thing i wrote. https://www.reddit.com/r/TheGANPit/comments/p83wtg/an_underground_full_of_dog_shit_and_smoothies
  7. Why do you dislike circle jerking? Isn't it fun? You could also try cookie jerking, which is a game were a bunch of men stand in a circle around a cookie that's on a little table in the middle of that circle. They now jerk off and try to hit the cookie with their cum and the one that cums the furthest away from the cookie has to eat it. Have tons of fun.
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