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  1. I will clean my fridge to this.
  2. No, but there is a new study out of Iran that seems to confirm it, so they brought that info up again. It was news to me and i actually think that i already had that a few weeks ago. My throat discomfort felt like it wanted to clear my throat all the time but whatever was there, was to dry and sticky to come up. The teas and food that i had that time tasted awful. Like they where missing some part of their taste. The troat thing went away after a week, taste and smell came fully back after some weeks. I didn't make much of it and i'm basically locked in out of paranoia since mid February anyways. My nose also felt like it was numbed, a bit like it had a very light local anesthetic. I see. I had no sinus issues.
  3. There is information given right now in Germany that Covid-19 has a high chance of causing a temporary numbness in taste and smell. Very light cases could also be just that and maybe have a little bit of throat discomfort. The numbness is definitely noticeable. There was for example one women that couldn't smell the need to change diapers on her newborn anymore. If you any of you guys have that or notice that in the future, you should quarantine yourself for a bit.
  4. Inspiration... Judgement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSIrQBGfUtw Heavy Pressure: https://vimeo.com/402537849 Stay Sane: The walls of my apartment...
  5. I personally think all of these threads should be opened.
  6. Maybe he calculated, saw the world we are heading into and didn't wanna live in it.
  7. Maybe then wanna disinfect them that way.
  8. Using pet cones to stop yourself from touching your face.
  9. Germany and the rest of Europe are doing the same. Germany also shuts down all none essential businesses and public places where people could gather.
  10. A virus can reinfect if it mutates, that also means that it changes it's properties.
  11. Actually, that's a nice idea. Best wishes from the middle of germany.
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