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  1. One thing that for whatever reason works for me in situations where i couldn't avoid ingesting gluten or didn't realize that i did, is to ingest a fluid antiallergic agent called "Dimethindene Maleate", that calms my belly down in desperate situations. I'm not sure what products are out on other the markets than the german one, here this stuff is called "Fenistil". Amazing! I want one!
  2. I joined that club 2 years ago, but realized what it is earlier this year.
  3. Nice. That's also a neat instrument. I should check these out anyways, i always wanted but never go to the point of buying one. The only banana system i have is the phenol.
  4. I never had the chance to play one. Could be. The weird thing about the lyra- 8 is that all parts are interconnected. I can see even the sounds bleeding through into the hyper lfo unit. It's bascially one big 8 osc feedback unit, that can do all kinds of weird sounds using fm.
  5. Anyways, if people are interested in the sound of the lyra-8 chain that i use. I just did a small demo video for that:
  6. A vermona filter lancet is doing that. If the resonance for its filter is set to about 60% it starts to very cleanly self oscillate, so it can be used as filter or as a one oscillator synthesizer, which is what i like about. Actually if you count in the lfo section that can be set to audio rate it could actually be counted as two OSC FM unit.
  7. chain 1: contact mic, mic preamp, bass limiter pedal, filter lancet, octatrack and then into the clean channel of the amplifi-30 chain 2: lyra-8, bass limiter, guitar channel of the amplifi-30 What you hear at 17:30 in the first vid is just the lyra-8 feed through it's chain. The granular sounding effect is caused by the dual delay of the lyra-8, triggered by it's hyper lfo. The sound is also pressed against the brickwall by the limiter pedal behind it, which enhances all the weird sound artifacts that the lyra-8 produces. At ~18:00 i bring in a sample on the octatrack. The contact mic doesn't do anything at that time.
  8. Did you use your skin and nails to open the records? plastic... music has the right to bleed.
  9. Interesting. didn't know that. Saw some people smoke the stuff about half a year ago i think. What happened?
  10. Afaik you can buy thc free, cbd weed in germany in shops, they must be also available in the US.
  11. Video back online. Sorry, we had a server crash... still recovering.
  12. On hour of ambient / noise. Enjoy. https://psychotronic-music.de/sessions/SKOOROTZ.mp4
  13. You can midi feed it, if in need for boring.
  14. I tested it @ sooprbooth, got questions? Its not really just another drum synth. It's a un-quantized happy accident trauma groove box. Programming and playing it felt more like bending a beast to your will. Especially if you start using the connectors WTF?, OMG and MAD!... I highly recommend their products. Lyra-8 is also something from another dimension. It does synthesis by being a awesomely bad construction that lets barely listenable but very organismic sound bleed through it's internal attenuators, which will then be amplified into audible range by a overdrive and double feedback delay section. You can also choose the amount of bleeding through by tuning up the "hold" knobs. It's less AHR and more stab and bleed and that's just one way of playing it.
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