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  1. Can someone please make a Robin Williams film out of this? And to you, all love and good luck.
  2. Johnny outline musicians - breath people on nipples asphyxiate tempo - sitting eliminate great sides work your spinning fanfare edging the planes of corners from enough - their rhythms went complementary eradicating the full decline - limbs window against streets outside ripped and amused laughing but not sitting humanity doors - opened on pharmaceuticals guard psychic give - so maintained and replaced presence in a running universe orchestra arms, detailed smoking during accented moments assassins soundscape - the sitting existed entitled, was whips and floor retook - accompaniment of blood everything in mouths the eliminate clothes cosmonauts removed Johnny
  3. Staying alone in a zoom call on your smart phone using a business headset while walking your dog during your local corona curfew.
  4. You have a link to that article?
  5. 1*brrrzzzzz* need BIRBS!
  6. sounds like a boc background loop. not sure what the fuzz is about and why this thread is hot.
  7. Psychotronic

    afx nft

    That's what he sells. Confusion.
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