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  1. You can midi feed it, if in need for boring.
  2. I tested it @ sooprbooth, got questions? Its not really just another drum synth. It's a un-quantized happy accident trauma groove box. Programming and playing it felt more like bending a beast to your will. Especially if you start using the connectors WTF?, OMG and MAD!... I highly recommend their products. Lyra-8 is also something from another dimension. It does synthesis by being a awesomely bad construction that lets barely listenable but very organismic sound bleed through it's internal attenuators, which will then be amplified into audible range by a overdrive and double feedback delay section. You can also choose the amount of bleeding through by tuning up the "hold" knobs. It's less AHR and more stab and bleed and that's just one way of playing it.
  3. Much better! Give the fuckery some space. But now it's to long for just that theme. Bring in a second theme after 5 minutes with a different rhythm and morph both into each other.
  4. So you think the protagonist is a robot. Very interesting, i have to think about if that truth should be explored. Oh yes! It should! The protagonist should transform, that explains what happened. You are right. Thank you for telling me the truth.
  5. https://psychotronic-music.de/sessions/dr_optosound/hxl_1.mp4
  6. https://psychotronic-music.de/sessions/dr_optosound/deutsch_syrisches_Panzergrain.webm
  7. Been at Walden Pond a few days ago. I saw a lot of "don't do ... " signs and fences. Strange experience given the history of that place and for me as a European.
  8. Thx man, very enlightening piece.
  9. Where does one get such beautiful flutes from? http://www.shakuhachi-shop.de/ https://jas-musicals.com/ https://de.aliexpress.com/store/group/Flute/3631066_1000000232358.html The two smaller ones i found at flee markets.
  10. Another 6min shorty that i found is worth watching from a stream i did earlier this month. https://psychotronic-music.de/stuff/twitch_clip.webm
  11. Shorty: https://psychotronic-music.de/sessions/101_numbia.webm Will start streaming again in 2 months.
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