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  1. Thicc Deepsong. Is there any way we can feed that beast ourselves?
  2. SIGN PLUS or PLUS SIGN Think about it.
  3. Trap? Cowbells? Acid? I kinda feel being trolled, all the more reason to buy the vinyl.
  4. The Dutch Album? Is it that what it is called now?
  5. @SEAN BOOTH I agree, listened to it several times on digital. I'll put the vinyl into my shelf and open it 2022. I weirdly have the same feeling for the noise stuff i did during covid. Thank you anyways.
  6. Is this the lets bitch about the new autechre album thread?
  7. “Ah . . . that’s lush—fuck.” 🍔
  8. You could try to listen to it with your ears underwater.
  9. I have no skills in designing printable 3d objects, but I'm sure someone here has the skills. You then could upload and print the model via https://www.shapeways.com
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