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  1. Have you ever captured yourself saying something useful in your sleep and actually used it in a song? Or, have your sleeping self at least spark an idea to your waking self?
  2. We just finished posting everything we found at NAMM 2018! Main blog: http://review.VOLTEROCK.com All the videos from the last 3 years at NAMM: http://youtube.com/c/VOLTEROCKreview All pics: http://instagram.com/volterock_review
  3. Change your environment too. Maybe paint everything black, cut some onions with your dog, and talk / sing / bark like you're dead if you don't already feel that way.
  4. Knobert De Zero Rude Hairymore Dawson's Crack Hom Tanks You
  5. Mixing a cup of vanilla yogurt ice cream and a Frappé = explosive diarrhea
  6. Released today and featuring: Slighter Bendish Re:Danx Captain Credible K-EYE-L Killiniq Phylum Sinter Evan Gipson B1per Volian Trains Antriksh Bali https://volterockrecords.bandcamp.com
  7. I like your use of the long delayed reverb and the atmosphere it created along with that lovely evolving melody
  8. https://kettel.bandcamp.com/album/wingtip https://soundcloud.com/inertierecords/thurman-shamann-nozen-remix https://meau.bandcamp.com/track/cats-within-cats https://fofn.bandcamp.com/track/youll-find-me
  9. Squishy Flip released a full album today: https://squishyflip.bandcamp.com/album/ofoffw [bandcamp]201015613[/bandcamp]
  10. No activity on his youtube channel, except this video he favorited: [youtubehd]40_c5ELI6do[/youtubehd]
  11. Just two more days! Did anyone notice the new bandcamp? http://kettelandsecede.bandcamp.com/releases Do you think this means another collab release soon too?
  12. It's now officially released: https://unitshifterrecords.bandcamp.com/
  13. Glad you like them Salem1976! auxien, I hope you can use some of them :)
  14. The 3rd Volume of the Vocal Hazard Pack, "Naughty Vocal Hazard Mouth" is completed for the holidays as a present to you! Warning, NSFW! These are free to use even in commercial projects under the [CC-BY license](http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)(all details are in the "READ ME" file) just like the other volumes and they have the same "high-quality" recording - Neumann u87 microphone and a Avalon 2022 Preamp - all recorded within a professional recording studio. ----------------------------------------- Audio examples: https://soundcloud.com/volterock/free-sample-pack-naughty-vocal-hazard-mouth-merry-christmas Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/543bapjwe8omv4r/Naughty+Vocal+Hazard+Mouth+by+VOLTEROCK.zip All details with listed contributors can be found in the, "READ ME" file. ------------------------- If you didn't get Volumes 1 & 2, you can have them for free also: VOLUME I Direct download: http://www.mediafire.com/?ijca8pggckjnupo Audio examples: https://soundcloud.com/volterock/volterock-undocument-vocal VOLUME II Direct download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/51c963115ok9937/Volterock+%26+undocument+-+Vocal+Hazard+Pack+Vol+2.zip Audio examples: https://soundcloud.com/volterock/vocal-hazard-pack-volume-2-demo-free-download-in-description ------------------------- Happy Holidays! We hope you find them useful, and if they don't find their way into your DAW, hopefully they bring you a few chuckles ;) If you like these, you can stay updated about future free sample libraries by subscribing to our newsletter: http://www.volterock.com/p/newsletter.html Note, if you see no use for them as they are, Elenne gave this great tip a couple years ago: "The scream of a human voice has some nice harmonics. There's probably a good use of those samples when stretched and used in FM synthesis. You can also extract a single cycle and create some weird synth sound with it."
  15. It's out: http://leisuresystem.bandcamp.com/album/rob-clouth-hidden-structures
  16. Me too but I heard him say in another forum that there was some limitations with max/msp that he didn't like He said he'll have a new release this year :D
  17. I thought this sounded nice too but so wanted it to be faster especially when the the synths came in :D I'd love to hear a sped up version with face melting drums added
  18. What drum samples did you use for Abatnoir? They sound really good!
  19. I like the warm filtered intro with such a tasty groove. The chord progressions and verious fx all mold well together. The false ending gives it a lot of flavor. I really can't hear anything that needs improving. I'm hoping it keeps going beyond the fadeout. How did you get your name, "3 and 25?"
  20. That was really great! Mix sounded clean, lots of interesting glitched ear candy with a nice backing rythm, kept my interest the whole time! Just ended too abruptly for my taste.
  21. I like the dissonance but the drums seem too mechanical and do not flow. I think the pad is a bit too much and may need some more modulation for mayandreamsimports.com song. P.s. I like your artwork. Is that buzz machines / jeskola buzz in one of them? That was the first tracker program I learned on
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