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  1. Yus!! Excellent news! So good to get these tracks on wax. Me+Doc is one of my all time fav Rolando Tracks! Bridgeland 303 was a stonker all round!
  2. I’m also concerned about missing out on the further electronix EP. What’s the best way to get in on this?
  3. Yeah, this is really nice stuff. Thanks for posting.
  4. Was listening in the car earlier and thought one of the tracks sounded like Clark.
  5. First listen through and every track I’ve heard so far is ace!
  6. I ordered through Bandcamp and haven’t received my copy yet. Excellent release!
  7. If you’ve pre-ordered the vinyl or CD, just drop silent season an email and they may send you a download code.
  8. Can’t wait to hear this in full. Hoping for digitals on Bandcamp soon. Vinyl on order with redeye too.
  9. https://cloneaqualungseries.bandcamp.com/album/a-moment-of-insanity Nice to see on BC but 7€ is way steep for 4 tracks. Yeah, all clone’s Bandcamp prices are pretty eye watering.
  10. Comment on discogs from FE on June 9th says it’ll be out on bleep soon. Edit: in reference to Bewplum, not Bunker. Not had shipping notice for Nunker from AF yet.
  11. Been enjoying all the HIA stuff off his Bandcamp recently. Wasn’t familiar with any of it before.
  12. Clone are pretty good at putting their catalogue up on Bandcamp these days, so hopefully should see this appearing there. Still grabbed one from redeye though!
  13. Vinyls arrived yesterday. It’s glorious! Top job Andy old boy!
  14. That’s fantastic news! It’s great to see you get more recognition. Would love to attend a RS/Trackermatte gig at some point too.
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