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  1. There probably will be lots of dead fish pointing and threatening now you mention that.
  2. I have to go on holiday and I don't want to go on holiday.
  3. Totally digging these Dead Duck plugs in an old skool Windows type way... http://deadducksoftware.blogspot.com/p/dead-duck-effects-bundle.html
  4. Been back on a Borderlands 2 tip with my wee boy recently. Still great.
  5. Hi all, long time no speak and all that... Couple of efforts if you've a mind (one of them be a house 12" vinyl and the other be a 2 track ACID banger) http://www.soulsteak.co.uk And https://factorygirls.bandcamp.com/releases I do love you all so very much. Mo Like a Fox 2019
  6. The new Minilogue LOL looks quite nice. I do loves mah Minehlogue
  7. https://www.izotope.com/en/products/master-and-deliver/ozone-imager.html Free stereo imager
  8. https://www.eventideaudio.com/promo/equivocate?utm_source=email&utm_medium=eblast&utm_campaign=equivocate_giveaway Free Eventide shit until end of October
  9. https://audio-assault.com/products/the-punch Free till July 10th
  10. Where does the time go? I do hope Vic remembered the olives.
  11. I've got one. Love it. It's like the Monotribe grew up into a lovely little beast.
  12. http://www.kuassa.com/products/basiq/ Nice little 3 band EQ
  13. Bought a Monologue last week. It's a thing of beauty.
  14. https://bleep.com/release/73518-mosca-submit Been a while since I posted here. Some of you might like this. Some of you might not. Like a fox.
  15. https://www.tal-software.com/products/tal-reverb-4 Beast of a free reverb
  16. All mines are too short because I don't buy new ones and just got to be a fatty bastard.
  17. and about the keys tuning. "If you feel the pitch has drifted, please stop the sound for about 10 seconds. volca's auto- tuning function will correct itself automatically." from the manual.
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