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  1. This goes well with an outdoor walk
  2. Also the Revenant, and a lot of the Harry Potter films (espec. POA)
  3. Not enjoying this anywhere near the level of GOD. However, Toys 2 rocks, as does the title track. 5/10
  4. Yeah the singing is uncool. Actually it sounds like the kind of bad autotune that soundcloud rappers use.
  5. maxd98


    I'd never seen snow (apart from a really light dusting in NC). Then I moved up to Massachusetts a couple months ago and yesterday saw my first true snow. It was magical.
  6. saw live in providence. incredible live. bump.
  7. Bit unprecedented to have three (!) burial releases in one year, not to mention a couple remixes to boot!. Annoyed that I blew my money for Rodent, thinking that it would be the only decent burial output this year, but from what I've heard, indoors sounds really nice.
  8. I always felt like I care because you do was lacking something. just didn't know what. its not lacking anymore.
  9. maxd98

    Death Grips

    They're playing in Worcester, where I'll be living. But I'm not really a death grips fan so i dont care.
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