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  1. No worries, according to Fred it will be available on his site 🙂
  2. Hmm, a little bit strange as Mick just released the single parts on a monthly basis (also on bc, last in April; this is where I bought them) and still also offers them there (more expensive and without the older ones).
  3. hhmmm, more than one month ago and still nothing. anyone received anything?
  4. quite strange: got an e-mail months ago that it should be dispatched and though several requests/complaints no reaction at all (nothing arrived until today) ?
  5. Oki, thx ☺ it's slow because 40 people did not pay up what they bid
  6. Lucky guy, I've missed it. Anyone an idea where still to get at a reasonable price ?
  7. I was there wearing a Drexciya T-Shirt (but - thank God - saw nobody else with one) *hihi*
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