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  1. analyzed the noise from that video and found these definitely totally spooky letters down at the lower frequencies. *puts on twoism tinfoil hat*
  2. Drinks


    Those F Train lyrics are some excellent gibberish.
  3. Yeah same, almost pulled the trigger on some tickets and an Airbnb earlier this week but now I'm holding off..
  4. So another release of Detroit People Mover? Guess this is Tom's sad about Brexit EP.
  5. Agreed. This is one of those things where I'm probably going to skip it because I can't really afford the tickets and bolt bus and lodging etc, then spend the rest of my life going "damnit, why didn't I figure out some way to go". Cheers Joyrex for doing this. :)
  6. sounds like shit. (the rip that is) ah nvm I just listened to the video at the top of the reddit thread. apparently full rip on the way.
  7. 4rd - "Remote Listening" EP [bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=323064413 size=large bgcol=333333 linkcol=0f91ff tracklist=false artwork=small]
  8. just heard this for the first time today. Don't generally dig on breakcore but good god the sound design is choice!
  9. hhah I enjoyed that. Love these guys. have they been doing this very long? Their voices sound familiar to me.
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