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  1. And I'm the thick one. Hahaha this listing.
  2. I deleted these paid for files by accident and frankly couldn't be arsed burning them to my cdr that Joyrex got produced. Anyway of retrieve for said files or am I f***ed with no PC (never and still don't have one).
  3. Mikes hint of this has kept me in suspense. Absolutely brilliant release. Can't wait.
  4. Back when Rephlex was still up, I sat for months thinking... Yeah but I don't get anything physical for my money so left them. Now is the time to go through as I've accepted the fact I will never get proper release... How many hours of new RDJ, a shitload as only got chosen lords & 10 pic disc.
  5. Just delete all of this archive from usb by sitting on remote. Hate digital, my ass and the thought of downloading all these files again. Happy new year folk.
  6. Typical RDJ, way ahead of the curve. It's like his ventolin mask was a sign lol.

  7. Damn literally Signed in to say I miss Mike P. Then the first thing I see is this thread. Woop woop.
  8. Bored so back checking the place to be for afx.

  9. Not a link more a translation as I do have this version just wondered what it said. Too late now as this is way past ancient.
  10. Hope all of the watmm crew are well and keeping safe.

    1. Soloman Tump

      Soloman Tump

      Blessed be safe

  11. What's the official count on the Drop now. (Yes it's me lol) ... PS... Raindrops on roses is the best so far and yeah just that
  12. Good Luck, i missed out on ABB5 the last time it was on ebay. I bid £1100...
  13. #horror, crap film. Funny track from it though. Doses & Mimoses
  14. https://brainwaltzera.bandcamp.com/track/bewbull-dusty-pot-jam Yeah yeah watmm. My dad died to this tune and it was the first time he ever said he liked the sounds of one of my musical choices. 20 odd years he had of me blaring tunes and I can't get over this due to him.
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