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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/m.html?item=143273473267&hash=item215bc3b4f3%3Ag%3AqREAAOSwIBZc7tNn&_ssn=vadiishenk_2&_sop=15
  2. Chocolate and crisps don't always contribute to being overweight...
  3. Sorry double post syndrome (can't seem to edit anymore)... Brainwaltzera is pretty lame... Wrong thread should be in the success one...
  4. Officially drunk myself sober, realised I post the shitest of shit. Maybe time to actually post some self made tunes.
  5. WATMM users are the easiest to troll... So much SO i got bored... Is that controversial?
  6. Cost has gone up a tad! Wow has it ever! If it really is me, nah it wasn't... Wonder how high this will go
  7. Helloween - starlight box set... Primus - animals should not act like humans... Aphex Twin - druqks... Afx - HAB ep... Afx - HAB ep 2... Hellfish & Producer - constant mutation... Venetian Snares - cavalcade of glee... Venetian Snares - chocolate wheelchair... Venetian Snares - Winnipeg is a frozen shithole ep... Brainwaltzera - marzipan ep...
  8. Been a while since I checked watmm and wow I'm buying this folks.
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