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  1. It's your turn Richard. First Trent Reznor, now you. Come on you slag.
  2. I'm guessing that you need to buy the whole EP? The site requires at least one track to make a comment so now what? "To comment on this you have to bag at least 1 track." It might be your ad blocker (if you have one) running - sometimes legit web page UI stuff gets blocked by ad blockers. I turned the adblocker off and still no ability to comment. even tried Chrome.
  3. I'm guessing that you need to buy the whole EP? The site requires at least one track to make a comment so now what? "To comment on this you have to bag at least 1 track."
  4. I bought several tracks from Collapse Ep but can't make a comment. Anyone know why or have this problem?
  5. Godfuck i want it now.Soooo.... This means im getting my treat early? Redditguy ordered on amazon, Did someone forget to add the Warp logo?
  6. Found this sample from the 4xVinyl Syro set. https://t.co/DV8kWdrxut
  7. BamBi you gorgeous 10/10 genius you! How about these, -New York Cheddar and -Yoghurt&Green onions Ep,s ??????? Ever think about sharing these EP,s with us one day? or are they already hidden somewhere in ur faboulous sc account ???? The material destined for those EPs was on RY30 Trax AAAaaaaaaaaaaah..... Yeah,Makes sense.... Smoooooth & Creamy! Thanx for the info! Have been wondering for a while now. :D Love RY30 Trax so damn much, Not sure if that name would sell on a bag of crisps though.... Do you have a link to the hidden tracks?
  8. Reported to moderator for causing feeling of slight disappointment. well technically it's not a false statement...just slightly misleading. I'm frustrated and impatient.
  9. The new tracks added are fantastic!! I hope he keeps adding until 2098,
  10. Haven't been here for a while, was wondering this exact same thing. Did I miss any newly added tracks? From the first look of things everything seems to be there, nothing new, but I could be mistaken. Wish I had the money to buy all there is in the store, but guess I'll have to be patient for now. nothing new as of a month in terms of tracks added. just some backstories of some tracks.
  11. I'm very interested...however I have little to no skills in this area of the computer coding things and whatnots.
  12. Ole Dicky J is adding back stories to some of his tracks...how the hell are we supposed to keep track of this kind of thing? excerpt from track 22 and 23 from SAWII: Someone I used to know, you know who you are, worked as a cleaner in a police station and kindly pinched me a police interview tape. It was with a woman who murdered her husband, it's the background audio in this track. featuring an EMS synthi 'a', mk1, Studiomaster star mixer, recorded 184 Southgate road, 1st floor, London. Bought the synthi when I was about 19 from Robin wood at ems, Ladock, Cornwall. Saved all my money for it for a long time, one of the first synths I ever bought and I know that machine inside and out, magical piece of equipment, always felt like it was made specially for me.
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