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  1. Almost forgot about Inverted Audio: https://inverted-audio.com/feature/best-albums-of-2019/
  2. I second the Boomkat charts from differents artists: https://boomkat.com/charts/boomkat-end-of-year-charts-2019 Apart from the ones already mentionned: https://igloomag.com/features/best-of-2019?fbclid=IwAR0enOB-aX28RJQx7PzSpmXDFRuCMRNpaERwFiqnGMoTG6Q8nM-uobxCzNg https://www.twgeema.com/best-electronic-albums-of-2019 More on the experimental side of things: https://secretthirteen.org/albums-that-made-our-2018-brighter/?fbclid=IwAR2G1s0qI-NBI9S9VnT8ZoCTrpgGcPzTgTBHlUE82qVWXTt2EOORBIbmzVA https://acloserlisten.com/year-end-charts/
  3. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1E3dMgz1EQDlPFkfckdHX9?si=JN3fimxvT9iWQXW-X1cSsg
  4. All India Radio https://shop.allindiaradioband.com/album/the-slow-lighth https://shop.allindiaradioband.com/track/tijuana-dream-3
  5. Great list! May I add bvdub d&b side project East of Oceans - Broken Seas To Destroy A City - Go Mirage Last Days - These Places Are Now Ruins Mogwai - Every Country's Sun Hammock - Columbus OST/Mysterium
  6. Enjoy that album from the first listen. Nice debut album, more concise and melodic than his first ep's imo. He's coming in Montreal next week so I'm definitely gonna be there
  7. Those are the movies that really moved me this year, also recommend to check out the OST. Salero: Captain Fantastic: Lion: Arrival: Distance Between Dreams: Embers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmaTnsvHfXQ Jackie: Bridgend: The Childhood of a Leader Trailer:
  8. This is his best album so far imo. https://johnbeltrandelsin.bandcamp.com/album/everything-at-once
  9. Just find out they put up a mix for tiny mix tapes: Very nice selections!
  10. I was surprise that nobody post on the Axioms ep yet. I really like where his going and hyped for the new LP https://throwingsnow.bandcamp.com/album/axioms From the official bandcamp: 'Embers ’the new album from Ross Tones aka Throwing Snow, is a conceptually imaginative and musically atmospheric recording that draws stimulus from laws and patterns of the natural world. Excelling creatively from the freedom and restrictions of applying aspects of these elements, ‘Embers emerges vividly from the processes employed in its creation. https://throwingsnow.bandcamp.com/album/embers
  11. Here a nice review from Igloo magazine: http://igloomag.com/reviews/the-lure-of-the-synth-kranky
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