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  1. I'm surprised this doesn't have more traction on WATMM. This is a pretty great (and unique) producer. There's shades of OPN's sensibility here, but he's got his own voice for sure. Of all the records I've discovered recently, Proc Fiskal and Barker are the two I keep coming back to again and again.
  2. I've struggled in vain to find a thread for this one. I stumbled onto this release from Iglew and I'm loving the synth work here. https://iglew.bandcamp.com/album/iglew-light-armour
  3. I know I put the warp stable off limits but it was the disappearance of Autechre’s Peel Sessions that kind of put me over the top. A lot of old Mo’ Wax stuff is missing too. A lot of DJ mixes seem to be victims of this too, probably for licensing reasons. I’ve been getting surprising mileage off some of DJ Krush’s old stuff I used to listen to in college. I missed DJ Krush’s Code 4109 in particular.
  4. Does the "Feed Me Weird Things" reissue give you any hope on this front?
  5. Ha no yeah exactly. I pulled my mp3s back out because I had releases that aren’t and probably will never be on streaming. That’s what I mean - files you still keep even with the whole worlds music at your fingertips on Spotify etc Not so much talking technology - I’m talking about releases that aren’t and probably won’t ever be on streaming platforms.
  6. Outside of the usual suspects (Autechre, Boards, Aphex, etc), which albums/eps/singles/12 inches do you most keenly miss when you're on the popular streaming platforms? Which mp3s/flacs do you find yourself reaching for the most?
  7. Beyond Barker & Baumecker's work, is there anything else (artists/albums) I should check out on the strength of Debiasing and Utility? I know I'm late to the party, but this is easily my favorite discovery this year.
  8. Is this Autechre’s saddest record? Is there another album of theirs that is so melancholy? I think this is what makes it so distinctive to me. It’s violent and huge and brooding and …. sad.
  9. I kind of have the same relationship with Amon Tobin that I do with DJ Shadow. It’s not that their later work is bad, it’s that their early work is so fucking good. So when I get in an Amon Tobin mood, it’s almost always Bricolage/Permutation/Supermodified that gets put on, not so much the later stuff. I like large slashes of his later work, but I just prefer the golden age Ninja Tune stuff.
  10. Anybody here use Vox? https://vox.rocks/
  11. Thanks for digging up these resources @MIXL2 I'll check it out.
  12. @Satans Little Helper sorry you're saying you use Bleep and Bandcamp for playback? Or just a backup?
  13. I'm curious what folks here do with their mp3/flac collections. I got on the Spotify train for a long time, but I've noticed as a techno fan that lots of records just disappear (especially 12 inches) and then there's just a lot that just isn't on Spotify and probably never will be (Rephlex, Old Skam, etc etc). Do any of you guys use cloud services for storage and playback? What does your set up look like these days for portable listening? I have an iPhone and primarily use a Mac, if that matters.
  14. Thanks for the recommendation. I like this record.
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