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  1. Yeah, absolute wicked track. The Pat Metheny/Fripp & Belew GR-300 type lead sound always satisfies. I wonder when it was made.
  2. I have listened on several different systems of mine, headphones speakers car, and never thought the tape was lacking in highs or too bassy. On every listen I appreciated an unusual silken delicacy to the tonal balance. I wouldn’t be surprised if they just applied some limiting to their raw capture, it has that sort of quality and it will be interesting to compare this version to the “proper” release later on. It sounds plain ol *weird* and i loved that it didnt activate my tinnitus. I did not interpret that quality as a lack of high end, I just enjoyed it. I think some folks hear strident sharp highs as extra detail while I tend to just hear extra pain. William Fields does have a point, sort of. Having tried his recommend setting on my last listening I can understand how the Helsinki soundboard could seem a bit rolled off on the high end to someone. 9db is entirely too much though. Insanely too much IMO. Crazy territory. But he has a point...sort of The music itself is wonderful. I've had frustrating sessions where it didnt make sense and just sounded like a dude scraping a piano string accompanied by a bed spring and a tamagotchi 303 alligator. I've had listens where it all congealed for me and the world was beautiful. I see lots of mention of 48 min onward. I nominate the middle 20 or so minutes...somewhere between 22:00-48:00 (who knows where bits enter and exit with this set) as some of the most humorous and ridiculous jams I have ever heard. The balls on these guys! "this is our live set" It's great.
  3. nice! Thank you for sharing. One of the better sounding tapes of this tour so far and the material itself seems different than other shows to me. Curious what is the best quality tape that’s surfaced so far? Other than Helsinki official of course. I haven’t followed super closely so I might be missing a good capture but before the Helsinki soundboard i’d settled on a homemade “remaster” of this recording
  4. Helsinki at around 30 min in…The transparent female voice sounding pad synth melody thing that gently hugs the whole mix…absolutely killing me every listen so far
  5. https://we.tl/t-nqbxMklDLB Manchester, Brighton & London
  6. top notch work guys, thank you! what sticks out to me from the boot is that chick talking about missing some sound and when she says "sssgood dude" wonderful!!
  7. and sig~ too, which converts N umbers into Sign als https://docs.cycling74.com/max7/refpages/sig~
  8. yes it is, nothing like this played so far. and with the racecar game seems to be a joke on their comment about playing their patches being like making cars fly upside down
  9. i love them? just got to the heavy bit in the middle in zagreb
  10. Stark, empty, depressing, lonely music for our stark, empty, depressing, lonely times. Pretty great actually. absolutely. overwhelming actually Yep. Heavy stuff. Having now listened, heavy heavy stuff. Dunno what else to say.
  11. Thanks for reports, excited to listen soon
  12. just saw emails bout this. haven’t listened yet, just a thread bump. anyone jam this how is it?
  13. lol what delightful cats, what delightful thread
  14. just got myselb a new message ringtone an hour long ringtone!?
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