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  1. and sig~ too, which converts N umbers into Sign als https://docs.cycling74.com/max7/refpages/sig~
  2. yes it is, nothing like this played so far. and with the racecar game seems to be a joke on their comment about playing their patches being like making cars fly upside down
  3. i love them? just got to the heavy bit in the middle in zagreb
  4. 2h40m we've made progress!
  5. Stark, empty, depressing, lonely music for our stark, empty, depressing, lonely times. Pretty great actually. absolutely. overwhelming actually Yep. Heavy stuff. Having now listened, heavy heavy stuff. Dunno what else to say.
  6. Thanks for reports, excited to listen soon
  7. just saw emails bout this. haven’t listened yet, just a thread bump. anyone jam this how is it?
  8. lol what delightful cats, what delightful thread
  9. just got myselb a new message ringtone an hour long ringtone!?
  10. we’ve been waiting for 11 years Good Grief Just nord it out
  11. sounds like it’ll be done when it’s done.
  12. Good question Realy makes u think What *is* “album”¿?
  13. monoppus


    ooo yeah and the represented audio is spexy-oogram-orgastimic
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