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  1. Uncool anorak and auntie perspirant
  2. Props to his wife for being called Ribena. She's stolen a march on Rita Ora there
  3. well no, because I'm too autistic to just sit back and appreciate something unless it conforms exactly to my expectations. hmmm i'm thinking about autism, but maybe not for the same reason you are what about cheetah ep - although the likes of phonatacid are much better imo
  4. 100% - it's a very nice touch to release a version he presumably considered inferior to the video version in response to a few fans disagreeing with that notion. All the better that it was free as well
  5. I suspect it comes down to which version you're used to, to some extent. I'd heard the full version enough times that it sounded perverse to cut out that part, which I'd consider a deleted segment rather than an intermission
  6. damn, i miss this part :-(... how everyone's going crazy in the break when he plays that at day for night, amazing. Seriously. What a fucking tease reminding us the track as it should've been exists somewhere. I hope this means the special edition includes the full version, but I know it won't
  7. Yeah, a lil bit, but you know, you can make another 50-100 comparisons to the tracks he made for the last 30 years, but what does it prove? That he can make a track similar sounding to the tracks of some other mortals? Exactly - well spotted son
  8. Anyone else get dynamix ii vibes from the opening section of abundance - reminds me of the ignition remix not the r kelly version
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