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  1. Biogen was an Icelandic electronic music legend. The tracks from the "Selected Works", as well as the Trip release, are made from 1992 to his passing in 2011 - and were collected and released by his friends and family. Here is a link to an article I wrote in memory of him
  2. The behavior of some of the people here make me realize why I don't want to hang out at these type of forums anymore. Disgrace.
  3. the quote is by the guy behind the compilation shared by the official touched website It is posted by the guy who is behind the compilation, but it says "words by Alexander Shum" - who is not affiliated with Touched as far as i know
  4. You do understand this is a quote from someone else, not from the guy behind Touched? I personally haven't seen Touched confirming any artist on this so far. This is a fantastic compilation imo and I couldn't care less who are on it or who are not. Good music is good music, no matter which name is attached - which might be the whole point of this.
  5. Given it a listen through, really great album. Is this by you? Fyrir Nesid is particularly good No, this is not by me. "Hólmur" is my absolute favorite there.
  6. Lurked around yesterday on Mixlr. That was really something. Will get this one for sure!
  7. First real post, so lets hope I don't mess this up too badly. This was just released in the beginning of the month. Some proper Icelandic Electronica. I'd sort of box it with Plaid and some earlier warp material - but with a dramatic twist (plehh..). CD and digital. Anyways... check out here: https://raftonar.bandcamp.com/album/n-nfjall
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