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  1. some kinda xperimental...around 8years old track :| https://soundcloud.com/anthing/alone
  2. https://soundcloud.com/anthing/run-for-your-life
  3. https://soundcloud.com/anthing/ive-got-a-box/s-OPPX1
  4. Dunno how many have heard this one but anyways. this is some kinda megamix about my remixes of user18081971 tracks that I've come up so far. Well few remixes/covers are missing here since they are not fitting to this bunch.. (Slothscrape is a bit more extended mix compared to the one that you can find there too)
  5. something something.. download enabled.. https://soundcloud.com/anthing/rippd-edgs-free-dl
  6. some simple, maybe a bit monotonic flow here..
  7. Thanks! Yeah it kinda got some rolling going on :)
  8. For some reason this reminded me of Radiohead's "There There". I think it might be the deep synth? Anyway, I think you can easily make this tune way more interesting by automating the synths a bit. Even the slightest variation in sound will make the listener more intrigued in what's going on because as soon as you notice a pattern you'll start getting tired of listening to it. That's why Rhythm & Sound is able to keep you listening because things change ever so slightly. So if you simply were to fool around with filter, introduce some reverb, delay or something you'll automatically keep your listener interested in what's going on. I think you're on to something with "Some Kind of Hidden Terror" because it's both varied, you introduce new elements at a fairly nice pace, and it just sounds better :) Keep it up! :) Thanks. It's kinda up to the mood I'm in (using more or less time for doing something). For 'This Time' didn't do much automating and it's a bit hasty made anyways but it has got some nice elements. With 'Some Kinda Hidden Terror' been testing some new stuff again and it usually brings some results. But theres always possibility to go back and tweak..
  9. Thanks guys for the kind words. These days it seems that I've been slowing it down a bit and could think some kinda EP with these downtempo'ish tracks. You could check this playlist: (click the link below) As for 'This Time' glitches, I've been using this experimental fx cutter for awhile and it actually doesn't allow too much tweaks for the parameters. And since this comment I had to do some googling and found some nice plugins to play with (yeah I'm getting old and maybe a bit lazy to search some new stuff).
  10. https://soundcloud.com/anthing/some-kinda-hidden-terror
  11. https://soundcloud.com/anthing/this-time
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