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  1. interesting sounds, i think ravi got shanked is my favorite out of those. richie's fun house kind of seems too quiet compared to the preceding tracks. Also, you probably weren't aware of this, but there was already an EP by Isan named Digitalis.
  2. I heard that bords of canada will also be perform at the shamu-la festival
  3. Even just moving your gear into another part of the room can make you approach things differently do your modular jams in drag next time What if I only have a laptop, should I still wear drag?
  4. mostly the first thing. specifically I was thinking of how to avoid fixating on a few short loops. TBH it's easy to make variety by just doing random stuff, but sometimes I get convinced that one short loop is great so I loop it over and over again but then when I listen later, it feels like a letdown.
  5. MAD RESPECT FOR 4/4, WHAT A NOBLE TIME SIGNUTTUR Got one of those 4/4 classix that we all used to rave to back in the day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2buUrgefj8M leave a like and comment if you love 4/4 so much you'd die for it
  6. i liked the detail that was put into the panning, that made these pretty satisfying to listen to even though i'm more typically drawn to things with a traditional sense of melody
  7. this is the new one: https://soundcloud.com/phony_pseudonym/amazon-marmalade this is the slightly older one: https://soundcloud.com/phony_pseudonym/rbungloenhyz any opinions would be highly appreciated :D
  8. interesting tribal-ish sounds, it felt pretty aimless without a clear melody though, in my opinion
  9. cool track, i can't really think of anything in particular that needs reworking. it doesn't really lead to an intense climax or anything but that's not a bad thing reaktor looks cool, maybe i'll get it one of thes days
  10. i was wondering how people gain more of a sense of freedom with composition, not feeling like you're locked into one thing. i was thinking of transcribing songs i liked, but then i feel like i'd be butchering them. Now that i think of it, maybe I could transcribe songs I don't like, and then I could still learn a bit about composition, and I wouldn't feel like I'm doing something sacriligeous. :D
  11. hi i put out this stuff 2 weeks ago, 8 track thing some people liked it, but i feel kinda stuck musically, like with composition and stuff so if anybody has anything specific that they liked or didn't like then i feel like i could move on with what i'm doing https://soundcloud.com/colorsquadrecords/sets/csr013-a-disgusting-person-the-chicken-that-was-really-a-horse https://colorsquadrecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-chicken-that-was-really-a-horse
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