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  1. Ostudinov's track is killer so is Teso and slew of others
  2. I wrote this music while recovering from a unexpected injury a couple months ago. Coincidentally today, #callyourdoctorday is the release date. Available now at Itunes, Apple music, Spotify and Bandcamp..more later https://aud-art.bandcamp.com/album/easy-patient
  3. This one been gettn a little warm so I figured could share
  4. digging your soundcloud..will check the bandcamp releases soon
  5. It sounds like they accomplished what they set out to do..perfect theme music to the Bayer-Monsanto merger. I was always into Campfire headphase unlike the majority so I guess that's why I get it.. Darker times, themes..
  6. noairbag

    Feed1's kicks

    Nice theory IOS...there's a higher pitched sound that seems like its driving the kick to me but hitting after using midi delay
  7. Why doesn't he just pm me?
  8. Consider my post more banter since I needed to speak to rdj but that probably won't ever play out.
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