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  1. Anybody have the follow up video URL? I'm trying to resurrect the video
  2. Anybody get a recording of the vid befor it was removed? I wasn't done listening to it..
  3. Ostudinov's track is killer so is Teso and slew of others
  4. I wrote this music while recovering from a unexpected injury a couple months ago. Coincidentally today, #callyourdoctorday is the release date. Available now at Itunes, Apple music, Spotify and Bandcamp..more later https://aud-art.bandcamp.com/album/easy-patient
  5. This one been gettn a little warm so I figured could share
  6. digging your soundcloud..will check the bandcamp releases soon
  7. It sounds like they accomplished what they set out to do..perfect theme music to the Bayer-Monsanto merger. I was always into Campfire headphase unlike the majority so I guess that's why I get it.. Darker times, themes..
  8. noairbag

    Feed1's kicks

    Nice theory IOS...there's a higher pitched sound that seems like its driving the kick to me but hitting after using midi delay
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