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  1. double ah fuck. https://www.cnn.com/2020/07/11/politics/cdc-documents-warn-high-risk-schools-reopening/index.html a bunch more people are gonna die. part of me thinks his psychopathic plan is help the virus spread so there will be more chaos come election time or it'll provide some cover for big dirt he's going to do.. not that he needs any cover these days. seems he can do whatever he wants w/o repercussions.
  2. lol. i only said it must be _interesting_ but figured you are used to it.
  3. of the virus? the virus is just being a virus. it is indifferent and has no objective. unless you are buying into the pLaNdEmIc conspiracy narrative
  4. it must be interesting having the speakers placed behind your ears. i'm getting dizzy just thinking about how it sounds. i too would like to nap on those couches though.
  5. reading reports abut autopsies and how they're finding blood clots in almost all internal organs. yikes. also, still more reports of "i felt bad and 5 days later was in intensive care" or "he was fine then one morning felt terrible and we went to the ER and 5 days later he died". this scenario repeats itself often and hits people in different ways and some people do OK and some people just get totally trashed by it and if they survive will have life long complications from organ damage. many of these people are young. it's really just amazing that forehead slapping that so many americans won't wear a mask. disinformation, lack of consistent messaging and stupid orange man along w/silly internet conspiracies are walking people into their graves. oh today is saturday. had no idea.
  6. probably some how connected to the wayfair child sexploitation celebrity scheme
  7. but no one is pretending there weren't africans involved in the slave trade. but ya know, at the time it was many terrible white people delivering slaves to "the new world" so many other terrible white people could own them for free labor.. for 400 years. so, redirecting the anger at africans seems misplaced to me since generations of slaves were owned by white people and the generations of offspring of those slave are here in america primarily because of the demand created by 400 years of white people. if he wanted to make a point that "hey some africans were involved in the slave trade" then he should have made a better analogy that had some nuance to it but he's an idiot. he's trying to deflect the anger at white people and shift blame which is kinda simple and makes him seem thick in the head... which he is. edit: the history of africans selling other africans to white people is in the movie Roots which i think was the most watched mini-series in US history. so, people know.
  8. his claim is stupid. really stupid. and something an 11 year old in 1983 would've thought of to "blow the minds" of his 11 year old friends after he blew their minds by saying "who enjoys sex more? girls or boys? put your finger in your ear.. what feels better your finger or your ear?". i say an 11 year old in 1983 might've said that.. but not today because 11 year olds today are smarter and wouldn't say something so stupid as to equate drug dealers and users to white people/black people in some shit brained thought. were there african tribes rounding up people and selling them to white slave traders? yes. were there white europeans collaborating w/tribes to round up their enemies and sell them off. yes. was there a big market for slavery created by legalized slavery in the colonies and then america? yes. did this go on for 400 years? yes. would it have gone on at all if it wasn't legal in america? no. because it was outlawed everywhere else right?
  9. concise argument for reallocating funds from police.. "we're funding the suburbs"
  10. this guy is filling his diapers w/rage and spewing incoherent slogans in a run of verbal diarheehaa
  11. my safari bookmarks got fucked up because they sync'd w/the newer laptop over iCloud and so i lost some favs. i don't remember even setting up the cloud. ugh.
  12. yesterday i went to the store.. masked up.. distanced. saw people on the sidewalk w/masks under their chins. they looked like old friends who hadn't seen each other in a while..s topped and chatted and hugged. then pulled their masks up and went into the store. this virus isn't going away any time soon. even here in portland where most people are being careful/safe/smart there's still enough people being dumb and careless to keep spreading it.
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