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  1. it's a bummer. imagine the rage filled stuff he could spew about all this.
  2. some friends of mine are visiting from florida. were talking about how miami beach is installing more pumps to pump out sea water and when the heavy rains/windy storms happen or large tidal shifts on full moons etc that the sea water seeps up through the ground in some places. so, florida is going to shrink and floridians are going to disperse to high ground.
  3. all i can picture is Crocket and Tubbs making out w/their ladies and driving sports cars around miami at night in a montage.
  4. definitely regional accent. my ears aren't used to it. NY and chicago and parts midwest (since Fargo) get most air play.. other than southern of course.
  5. that reporter.. she says "do-nits" dunkin donits. every time. it's great.
  6. holyshit. big drama. had to make a song about it.
  7. "Cries ft. pitbull" is most true meme ever. pitbull's twitter account is hilarious btw. i catch retweets of things sometimes and it's unreal.
  8. thanks for that. so many things are awesome in that clip. Officer Psycho.
  9. HOLY FUCKING LOL... in tears... L00L, magnificent! in case you want to go deeper.. of course there is a subreddit for the book. yeah.. it's a book https://www.reddit.com/r/petalsfalltwice/ dramatic reading:
  10. that lady has a squirrel in her brain. i'm sure of it.
  11. saw an interview on the news where they were talking about the possibility. it seems a weird thing to float at this point..but this election campaign has been pretty weird. he's a giant troll even if he intends to stick with it. he's still just a big shitty troll. i've no idea what to think if he suddenly drops out. his supporters will implode/explode freak out. what will it mean for his replacement? who would taht be? what a weird process. i guess the RNC would pick the nominee. what a shit show.
  12. all that aside I think the most disturbing aspect is he's a immature spoiled brat. he talks so much shit then throws a hissy fit when someone spits it back at him. he's literally a little shit of a child who thrashes around and turns into a crybaby as soon as anyone tells him "no" or a another kid pushes back. he can dish it out but just can't take it.
  13. we know this already but it's a fresh dose/reminder of the kinds of people trump gives license to come out of the racist moron closet http://www.nytimes.com/video/us/politics/100000004533191/unfiltered-voices-from-donald-trumps-crowds.html
  14. At least they didn't fuck up the first American Idol. If Justin won it could have set a really bad precedent. That was post 9/11 pre Iraq war though. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk hoping this holds true. was 538/nate silvers doing forecasts for idol then?
  15. America loves trainwrecks though and the public is a morbidly curious bunch. But yeah I can't imagine there being a huge revival of Trump in any way in the polls. Back to near 50/50 maybe but nothing as close as before he fucking insulted parents of a dead American war veteran. I still can't fathom this kind of shit is actually happening. the 'morbid curiosity' is on the verge of taking over. after seeing the reaction of the bernie bros to convention adn hillary's nomination.. a lot of them are in sync with trump supporters. "hillary is worse than trump" "lock her up" etc etc.. the hardcore supporters are disconnected from reality and don't seem to care that by not supporting hillary they give trump a better chance of getting in the white house. and when asked about "well, what about all the muslims and latinos who could be rounded up and deported? aren't you free to not support hillary because that won't effect you because you're white?" they acknowledge that and says "yeah we're in a bubble". it's fucking crazy. other people interviewed were sort of committed to having a shitty 4 years if trump is elected but to spite hillary they're fine w/that. so, i'm hopeful that enough people aren't interested in seeing the car crash administration of donald trump and would rather have 4 years of some kind of status quo but honestly i'm not going to pretend it's in the bag for hillary because i just don't feel that way yet. if she doesn't win i won't be totally surprised. i think americans are capable of making really awful decisions out of boredom, stupidity, rage, racism etc.
  16. Trump: "Why can't we use nukes?" http://www.cnbc.com/2016/08/03/trump-asks-why-us-cant-use-nukes-msnbcs-joe-scarborough-reports.html sorry world. oh and tangent... not sure yo've seen this but it's sort of a classic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18qD9hmU9xg
  17. it's difficult to imagine alex jones sleeping. there just be an assistant or handler that turns off the alex jones machine at night.. flips a switch and it shuts down.
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