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  1. I was just reading through old AE interviews and came across this extract: “I mean I really like Art Of Noise and On-U-Sound, mainly as I used to collect that stuff, and the overlaps used to do my head in. You know, like ‘ahh that bit’s off that track’ or whatever, and I quite like that. When we came back to listening through all our material, it was quite disorienting in the same way, it was a similar feeling. There’s only two or three bits from the 2005 tour set that ended up on the album though.” I've had that same listening experience throughout the NTS sessions, as if AE were creating hybrid songs out of their own catalog. Some of the tracks I can place, like carefree counter dronal combining that early speedy section from the 2015 lives with some pendulu hv moda from elseq. I think some tracks even blend/remix three or more previous songs. Anyone else have this listening experience? Really masterful, deliberate disorientation.
  2. Sign was just a warm: Plus is where it’s at
  3. Fingers crossed for blue, indigo and violet soon
  4. Keeps getting better and better...just wait Shhhhh...just let it happen
  5. Anyone else hearing what seems to be deliberate “remixing” or mutations of previous tracks (kinda like sinister sintrail)? Track 3=bqbq and eastre, Track 2=known1, etc??
  6. Nenlow66


    For a good time, go to 47:15 of Miami
  7. “All End” made it easier for me to accept that the NTS sessions were over, especially when it was first debuted.
  8. Nenlow66


    Great little section there: Pretty sure it’s only in the Dublin set (?)
  9. On 4/7, AE releases 7 shows from 4 years ago ?
  10. Nenlow66

    elseq 1-5

    https://vimeo.com/172173634?utm_source=email&utm_medium=vimeo-comment_rcvd-2017&utm_campaign=31141 mesh cinereal on going to the sun road
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