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  1. I think that a Richard H. Kirk or Sweet Exorcist set would have been appropriate.
  2. I would like to attend the Brooklyn show because I've enjoyed RDJ's music for many years but I've never seen him perform in person. AND I live in Brooklyn only a few miles from the venue. Unfortunately I missed the pre-sale earlier today because it sold out so quickly. Thank you Joyrex and WATMM for the opportunity to win some tickets!
  3. Does anyone here know if there is an opening act on this tour? For the Brooklyn show the info says "doors at 8pm, show at 9pm." Just curious. Thanks!
  4. I'd like to see a track list too. Its a damn good compilation. Grant posted on FB asking people to guess. Someone guessed Bogdan for one track and I concur. I don't see the FB post any more.
  5. Got it, I think at the time I'd just discovered the TV distort filter on Sony Vegas as I seem to use it all over the shop!Must've also been made pre-Youtube given the ebaumworld.com stamp on the footage I nabbed http://www.ilovecubus.co.uk/pete/bunnydancer.wmv eyyy, cheers bro! A similar idea:
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