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  1. I've just started music journalism again after a ten year lay off. I'll be up for donating something. If you want and your standards aren't huge
  2. Thx for replying. Appreciate you stopping by. The version of Flutter I have has no silence at the end and a speech by I know not whom. Fan made I bet. Good effort on the extended versions. I'll try and track down these broadcasts. Nice one! iax
  3. Good morning. Some questions for you. Can y'all help? I've been poking around Discogs whilst waiting for the footy season to start... Is there a C Letr Mx of Garbage? Or just in name alone? I have a track called 'Flutter' (edit) with voices towards the end. Does anyone else know about this? Fan made? Is the shorter version of Keynell (Mix 2) on the vinyl substantially different to that on the promo and the bleep release, or is it an edit? In fact how many different version of Keynell are there? Is there a digital version of the XAE version of Laughing Quarter? *asks nicely* (All of my vinyl is in storage while I wait to move house. Can't check) Is Autechre v notlad a fan made track? Do the hidden_track on EP7 and LP5 have names? (seriously) Are the entire shows that made up the Japanese extra tracks available on a booty somewhere? (M'cr Quarter and Zurich 2001) Finally! Are the extended versions of Basscadet, 444, Liccflii, Uviol, VL AL 5 genuine or fan made? Thanks for looking. I know it's a tad quiet on here so if you can help, I'd be made up! iax
  4. scrash


    Uh. I would buy this. Dear God.
  5. Some great tips here. Many thanks. Just need to get to the end of Elseq without starting it all over again!! Magnificent stuff. For those that already haven't, the Peel Meltdown is just amazing...
  6. There's some very cool serious discussion here. I've never joined in as I don't want to appear to stoopid or if I've missed something! I've never started a thread before on any forum ever and I feel confident to do it again after the responses above. Not only did I get the R6 broadcast, but the whole show too! I'm up for downloading other live shows but as there's so many I have to be careful. I love Vienna Flex 96, Brixton Quirky 94 and the Glasgow Art School gig. Any other recommendations? Oh, thx to CUMINMYMOUTH. Just for being there really... ;)
  7. This is just great. Many, many thanks. Cheers Amen. It's COLD, I fear. Appreciate being made welcome. See you at Granada Studios it seems...
  8. When I click it says 'I don't have permission for that'.
  9. Thank you rekosn I cannot access the link, but I'm grateful for your reply. Again, Herr Jan, thank you. You've made my day! Perhaps Amen Lare could make me aware of 'The Rules'. So I can be aware of what is expected of me. Apart from a love of Ae. Which is why we are here. Apparently.
  10. Thank you thank you thank you! This is exactly it! Is it the entire ae set of that night? I only ask as there was a lot of acts on that year and I don't know how long each act got... I'm so grateful for this. It is wonderful... I'll try to join in more often! Thank you again scrash
  11. Hello. Newbie here. Long time viewer and all that. Wondered if there's a possibility of anyone having a recording of the above set (Peel Session Live At London QEH 20/06/98). Gideon Coe played it on BBC6Music (UK) about six weeks ago on his show. It was 'Tilapia' but he called it 'Track One' and it had a much longer intro. I absolutely love it and would love to have the whole version. Can anyone help? Thx and love to all. This is a great forum to read, even though I don't get most of the in-jokes ! :) scrash
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