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  1. https://cleverandq.bandcamp.com/ Some older stuff. Working on new stuff but it is unfinshed crap atm.
  2. wowzers, I really like this stuff and have some similar, just not nearly as many. nice work!
  3. https://cleverandq.bandcamp.com/album/form-perception-ep https://cleverandq.bandcamp.com/album/organized-noise-ep-2 Both were recorded between 10-15 years ago. I recently went through a old hard drive and came up with these two EPs worth of material. Form Perception was a album that I put together all at once when it was originally recorded. Organized Noise is a collection of tracks that I selected when I was going through the old tracks.
  4. why is the pineapple so grumpy?
  5. I have an embarrassing amount of hours logged on Rust. Rocket League.. thats about it at the moment.
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