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  1. Thanks for the positive responses. I managed to get the first 5 tracks tied up the way I wanted them to this afternoon. In the end I think I will have used just about every suggestion! The time I have saved I'll put into actually getting more confident playing keyboards in front of people, other they that I tempo matched two pairs of tunes in the order I wanted too. Excepting the breaks between the really big tempo jumps. I "played" though the first fifteen minutes and I'm delighted. I'm bidding for a KP mini at the moment which will help the effect based transitions, and I'll construct/play a segway between the 2nd to last tune. I cant thank you guys enough for your help. I'll be recording the set when I'm done so if your interested I'll post the results! One last time! Thank you!
  2. Thanks for help so far, sorry I should have mentioned In using scenes only during a set, and I want add more live elements rather the just track and scene launching!
  3. Live set track arrangement problem....I hoping you nice people can help me fix, its doing my fecking head in! In short, with the list of tunes below, is it possible to keep a groove going / keep the mood going. I'm setting up my 2nd live set, based on some feed back from the first one. I'd like to be able to keep the "groove" going though out the set with a minimum one or two stops (I'd rather have none). I'm using Ableton live, and APC40 MK I, a Launch Pad (MK I) and a Behringer 802 mixer (the one with FX out). I have £150 I was thinking of buying a ER-1 or Mini-KP (or both) to help with the transitions and to make things more interesting when I play (and I also like them!). My sets are vst and midi based. I just drag the tracks into an uber set. I'd like to keep it that way if I can. I have spent many few hours trying different ways to make this work, but I feel even the small transitions (90-96) are just to much to do straight. I've tried bring in synths from the next tracks, but speed up or down on the effects when I make the tempo changes make them sound utterly shite. I have tried slowly bring up the tempo and I felt that sounded pants too. Thanks for reading, your time and your help! P.S Some of the slower BPM tracks sounds faster then they are. BPM's listed below are from Ableton. Track Name BPM Speed Emotion Order Sun Shine and Fresh Air to Cheese 69 Slow Bright 1 Internal Cascade 90 Fast Bright 2 During Synthesis 96 Fast Bright 3 Rodger row the boat 102 Fast Bright 4 Old Blacklist 102 Slow Bright 5 Rubisco 126 Fast Dark 6 xxf4-sgg5 96 Fast Dark 7 Not Much 122 Fast Bright 8 Stewart Is Still Inside 94 Slow Dark 9 Octan-Boctan 120 Fast Bright 10 Summer Grass 99 Fast Bright 11
  4. As usual any constructive feed back would be greatly appreciated....Thank you! https://soundcloud.com/hardwired2001/internal-cascade
  5. New EP just released on Bandcamp! Enjoy! https://hardwired2001.bandcamp.com/album/deep-and-alone-ep Art Work by Emma at ArtByELS - www.etsy.com/uk/shop/ArtByELS
  6. On the subject of changes check the tune below out, I was listening to it today and thought about you, I just came across them last night (there coming to my home city soon). The tune starts with a piano and ends in break beats. Apart from being a fantastic tune, the changes are fantastical done. I barely noticed the first time until the track ended!
  7. I've has similar issues, I can do it, but it just sounds pants! Let me know how you get on I'd love to have a listen.
  8. Like the tune, melody is nice, and it play out quite nicely. My only issue would be the base is too distorted. Its taking a lot away from the rest of the tune. Reminds me of late 80's early 90's IDM. The break in the middle with the lift afterwords is cool. Good job.
  9. I like it too, and agree with the points above. I would up the master volume too though, I could barley hear it with cracking the volume up full blast. I would be inclined to change add some new pads towards the end of the tune, but that's just me.
  10. Until I read your post I thought the vocals where pads, the beats have a really nice "tour da france" feel to them, that base'y 303 sound that sounds like it has an lfo filter on it sounds wicked too. Listened to a few other tunes too while I was writing this up. Loving the groove.
  11. Both are really good tunes, I mush preferred Allswell, that tunes feels a lot more "together", to say all the parts of the track fit really nicely together even though there big changes there. I don't fell the same about Transition, I kinda get the feeling it on purpose, and if it is, that's awesome. The into,outro and this section 1.37-2.33 are awesome, really really awesome actually. The juxtaposition with the other parts puts me right off though. I actually listened a few times, but skipped to 1.37 after the into. I'd love to know if this was on purpose though? If you don't mind the question! P.S Your other tunes on soundcloud are really cool too, put a few likes on.
  12. I'll have a go and try and switch em out and see what it sounds like.
  13. Thank you all very much for the feedback, its really really appreciated. Agreed, I'll be swinging back to Feedback inhibition. I have another short I wanted to flesh out too. Never head of Drexciya before! Like the tunes. Thank you.
  14. Thanks for the feedback, very much appreciated. The panning was deliberate, but it was never meant to be distracting. I'll take that on board. Thanks again.
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