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  1. Alright? Updated my SC with new versions of some of the older tracks, deleted some of the first experiments, and uploaded a new track, Tre. Feedback welcome. Have a great weekend, yeah? x
  2. Thanks for the feedback, Any suggestions on how to achieve that, please? This is the kind of stuff that I lack knowledge in, unfortunately. I feel I'm making progress with sound design and arrangement, but I feel I need to watch more tutorials and read some stuff I guess.
  3. Funnily enough I was looking at Ayn again today, and came to the same conclusion. I guess I got a bit carried away with the effects. Expect version three at some point soon. Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.
  4. Hi, me again...... I've uploaded a couple of tracks to my SC that I've been doing over the last few days. Both are done using nothing but Operator. Opr. is another attempt at non repetitive IDM using probabilities etc Ord. is an attempt to make an uneasy sounding ambient track. Might be a bit cheesy, but I learnt a fuck-ton about sound design making both of them. As always, criticism is welcome, still lots to learn. Thanks for listening. Expect a few more as I have the next nine days off work.......
  5. Untitled

    confield art

    I'm pretty sure I read in an interview back in the day that they were responsible for the artwork of LP5 through to Confield.
  6. Pretty nice with the birds in the background. Like it! Reminds me a lot of Boards.
  7. Thanks 🙂 No samples, all done with Operator in Live 10, mostly my own sounds, but one preset that I messed about with. Operator has become my favourite synth, I use it more than anything else. Just finishing an ambient track using only Operator. Its ended up being quite scary! Edit: One of the pads was done with Wavetable.
  8. Sounds cool, I'd love to learn Max, but no time at time minute unfortunately. Had a little play with the probability functions in L11 earlier, looks promising.
  9. Hi, Thanks! Mostly using M4L probability and randomising midi devices, often controlled by LFOs etc. My aim was to create non repetitive music without it sounding random, I'm kinda happy where this direction is taking me, seems there's lots to explore, esp now Live 11 has now got probability functions built in.
  10. Thanks, appreciated! As said above I'm still learning, and I feel I'm starting to get there slowly. In regards to the kick, I've starting making my own drum sounds instead of using samples. Sounds loads better to me. Thanks again x
  11. Uploaded a new version of Ayn, following the above feedback, thanks 🙏 Turned the percussion down, turned everything else up, and changed a few bits. Sounds better to my old ear holes.
  12. Blimey, that woke me up! I like that a lot, good skills.
  13. Hi, Thank for the feedback. I totally agree, listened to Ayn in the car last night, the kicks were overpowering everything else. Sounded great at home though. I think I need to watch some mixing and mastering tutorials.....
  14. Hi, So, still finding my way around Ableton. Seems to be no end to new toys to try out in M4L. I've uploaded a couple of new tracks over the last week. I'd be interested to see what you think. Criticism is most welcome. Thanks
  15. Thanks so much for translating. Interesting to hear the boys talking about drugs and their effects on musical direction.
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