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  1. First in a 12-part collaboration project on Routine Plant Routine: two originals and two remixes every month for the next year. On Bandcamp now but should be streaming in the usual places shortly https://routineplantroutine.bandcamp.com/album/work
  2. Sorry for the double post. Mods: please would you delete. Thanks
  3. KRX021 WRITTEN / PRODUCED / MASTERED BY EXM DESIGN BY KOUNTERPART PACKAGING BY C-333 C+P 2019 KAER’UIKS PB71215 KAER-UIKS.COM https://kaer-uiks.bandcamp.com/album/01411635
  4. Hopefully there will be digitals of this - there were with vol 1. agree that the first collection had some really strong tracks on it: EXM”s and Karsten Pflum’s stood out for me. Always happy for more Bot1500 too
  5. Exactly the same happened to me. I dropped Tidal an email and they refunded straight away. Then it wouldn’t let me download the files through Safari, which apparently isn’t able to download audio, according to Tidal
  6. Another one added. I think all releases are now available till the end of the month Dorcha Aigeann https://amhain.bandcamp.com/album/dorcha-aigeann
  7. Yeah I got into him via the Autechre page (there’s a “music like Autechre” thread that mentioned him a while back) Benecah was also the first I listened to. I loved the Arcv Dts series too - quite different in tone, more percussive
  8. Idioal Oifrmech vinyl is available here - but I guess that’s been out for some time http://www.ge-stell.net/products/582483-scald-rougish-idioal-oifrmech-lp It’s been a great run of releases from Douglas but a lot to digest in one go. I’m still on Seaes 2
  9. I should mention: he said yesterday that “2 more days till hidden is a go” - which I think means that the Bandcamp discog will only be available till tomorrow
  10. Analogical Force 15 April 2019 AF021 BRAINWALTZERA THE KIDS ARE AI EP LTD. EDITION 12" SILVER / BLACK MIXED VINYL A1 - Tims - 02:12 A2 maramu [still dry/no_outboard] 06:11 A3 melting pot (vertical spaceBar) 02:55 B1 buggy isotope v2 03:23 B2 polter seesaw 1and2 [left_of_grounds] 06:16 B3 vehemton jardin 04:34 http://analogicalforce.bandcamp.com/album/af021-the-kids-are-ai-ep?from=fanpub_fb
  11. Two more releases from Chris Douglas Death Notice http://amhain.bandcamp.com/album/death-notice?from=fanpub_fb Idioal Oifrmech http://amhain.bandcamp.com/album/idioal-oifrmech?from=fanpub_fb
  12. Hopefully digitals will be available at some point - they were for the Brainwaltzera EP on Furthur Electronix
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