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  1. Digitals are out https://analogicalforce.bandcamp.com/album/af024-coordinate-ep
  2. Yeah I feel the same. I was listening heavily to Douglas last year and early this year but there was a lot of material and I more or less played one release after another. I’d like to go back now and focus on individual releases - pay a bit more attention to each one. The Rook Vallade archive stood out for me at the time but that’s mainly because it sounds very distinct from the other material he put out at the end of last year. But that archive alone clocks in at 6 hours in total. oddly enough I think 12/12/12 is the only one I didn’t pick up at the time because I had so much to get through - maybe I’ll start again with that one
  3. Yeah can’t wait for this. Listening to Programist now - such a good album
  4. The latest edition of the EchoLoc x Kubrick Stare 12-month collaboration is out now on Routine Plant Routine. And RPR is adding each release to the “W Series” playlist on Spotify.
  5. Part four of the EchoLoc x Kubrick Stare collab should be out this week. Here’s a short clip of Kubrick Stare’s brilliant Circadian Fade 2B880351-4D39-4BAA-AFD4-1E573BB96BE9.MP4
  6. All the releases are back up now by the looks of it, along with another new one https://amhain.bandcamp.com/album/feall-beul
  7. Routine Plant Routine is almost ready to release part four of the EchoLoc x Kubrick Stare 12-month EP series. Here’s a promo vid for the EchoLoc track - It’s All Voltage - out in a couple of weeks. Stream the first three parts - Work, Wire and Wake - in the usual places.
  8. petsim

    CORC (LP5,1998)

    I hadn’t heard this before - the whole of this Arovane album is great.
  9. Love Daed. Pulse Lunar is a stand-out on AF for me. This is great news.
  10. new release from Douglas https://amhain.bandcamp.com/album/alesolepsnenvejvos?from=fanpub_fb
  11. Barker is new to me but am really enjoying Debiasing so thanks for the tip. Will check out the Baumecker collaboration too
  12. This is definitely pushing some Skam buttons for me.
  13. petsim

    Now Reading

    Cheers for the heads up. I doubt that i’ll make it that far in but who knows. And that incident with your dog has definitely put me off the prequels.
  14. petsim

    Now Reading

    Ah great. I’ve been saving it for when I have some time off and it’s coming up in a week or so. I know it’s a trilogy: are the other parts as good or is the reputation of these books built on the first one?
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