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  1. A new track to accompany the remasters: https://bleep.com/release/322308-alva-noto-ryuichi-sakamoto-barco
  2. “Tactical Empathy”, the second track from this new EP, has just been released on streaming services, but not Bandcamp as far as I can tell. I think this track was on the Testbed Output mix from a couple of years ago, under the name lull_16_01_03. it’s absolutely top tier - one of my favourite tracks from Client
  3. It was a surprise to me too when I got there since Aphex is not mentioned on the official site. But the info sign accompanying the installation credits the music to RDJ and think a few press articles have mentioned it (see below - think Fact organised the event) https://www.factmag.com/2022/03/17/future-shock-exhibition-180-studios/ Someone has posted footage of the installation on Reddit. Have added a spoiler tag so it doesn’t ruin it for anyone planning to go in cold!
  4. The Future Shock exhibition that’s on till the end of August in London features a Weirdcore installation with music from Aphex. Can definitely recommend this even without the Aphex connection. Almost everything here is worth seeing https://www.180thestrand.com/future-shock
  5. I haven’t listened to a lot of Kangding Ray but have just put this on now and it’s great so far. Have to delve deeper into his back catalogue (and Raster in general I guess)
  6. Originally featured on 2021's I Can't Take Back What I Said album, this stand out cut has been packaged with three brand new fresh versions by EchoLoc, Kubrick Stare and, keeping it in the family, Miles Malice Free download codes below Redeem codes here: https://routineplantroutine.bandcamp.com/yum qq4q-yx23 9bs7-3qs4 3xhd-c9ca wqes-xt4b e87c-e2jw ruwc-3czs dwjq-chyl spgf-w52j 7l6h-hv5w xczs-e8bs hp2p-324l 4flg-clje 4wsy-we83 ehqn-hb34 b4rl-vwlm wslh-6w5g pjcp-g423 8bhr-3ms4 2dcw-czca k473-3crc uewl-hhcx l6hq-v5dp 4zc7-g3w2 q3pd-b4lc bx9s-xq5w w4tc-etbs cpne-3b4l s7d9-chje sw4z-w583 pspu-h334 xljp-c4tl hegr-wp3j 47uw-c2dk qlwe-xc48 9sj9-ece2 yhbn-3wrc 3exx-hxcx w84p-jpdp sksr-yrw2 p3qw-bllc rd8c-xm5w 6f4f-bjc4 uwsl-wksa ljqh-hyhb q9bs-erqw f2xs-3sks wxee-cltl ce6b-wa3j cr3l-cbdk plxq-xw48 8ce6-ewe2 tsr2-bsrc hl4t-wpg3 jcp3-h224 fhfw-vdxm l4d4-6cag qp4q-yh33 g7s7-bvc4 3whd-c9sa wpes-x8hb p97c-e2qw r3wc-3dks hkhf-gbd2 jnel-3hxc 7d6h-hvaw lhzs-e8rs 4q2p-3rhl 4rlg-clqe cxsy-wag3 ecqn-hb24 bsrl-vcxm d4lh-6wag pesj-yx33 jxxp-xsh8 64eg-edp2 ks73-3dbc njwl-hhsx lghq-vewp 4tc7-g3d2 enjx-3xxc bw9s-xqaw wstc-etrs sqne-32hl sbd9-chqe j6f4-5bjw 7ndh-bwzs xdqj-wxyl 4jgr-wp2j 4buw-crwk qdwe-xdh8 g4j9-ecp2 ycbn-3cbc 2jxx-hxsx d9cj-v5wp sysr-yrd2 xhlc-6s5g jqse-yl23 6r4f-bjs4 nxsl-w6ca
  7. 13 years - that’s quite an achievement since this thread is hardly ever off the front page. I’ve found so much good music through it over the years. Whether the suggestions are actually “like Autechre” is up for debate (and I’m pretty sure there are lengthy discussions over these pages about what that means) but for me this is a great source of music recommendations. Pretty sure this is where I first heard Chris Douglas so for that alone it’s an all-time classic thread with a premise that works really well
  8. Breaking News: RoutinePlantRoutine is launching its first consumer electronics product. Inspired by classic diving helmet designs, HeadCell will encase the user’s head in a lightweight polycarbonate “cubicle” that’s fitted with air purifiers, UV filters and Dolby surround sound. It will also feature a custom Behringer TD-3 that will distort the user’s voice into an approximation of the classic 303. Seriously, this will make that Dyson headphone thing look like total junk. https://www.dyson.co.uk/wearables/dyson-zone-air-purifying-headphones/announcement No release date for this amazing bit of gear yet as we’re neck deep in development, but to celebrate our first hardware product we’ve knocked 35% off the entire RPR discography, including Kubrick Stare’s latest release, Selim. Don’t sleep on this. https://routineplantroutine.bandcamp.com
  9. Paul Miles aka Kubrick Stare back on Routine Plant Routine with ten tracks inspired by DnB, Jungle, Footwork and Techno.
  10. I need to catch up. I missed some of last year’s releases and there are a few from 2020 that I haven’t delved into properly will have to adopt a systematic approach to this
  11. Great thread. I’m unfamiliar with the label and there are some excellent recommendations on here for newcomers like me - thanks all for this. Looking forward to exploring the back catalogue over the next few months. The Crunch album is gold.
  12. This is out today. A rework of a piece from a live album that i wasn’t aware of: https://boomkat.com/products/monomom
  13. On a side note, an Alva Noto installation is part of this exhibition that’s on in London till next month. https://www.180thestrand.com
  14. I recommend the collabs with Ryuichi Sakamoto too, particularly Insen, Vrioon, Summvs and Utp_
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