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  1. Digitals are out https://analogicalforce.bandcamp.com/album/af033-tweaking-paper-ep
  2. Yes, also enjoying this one. It seems a touch more melodic compared with his recent releases
  3. Routine Plant Routine’s resident DJ Paul Miles transforms into Mister Estomago to serve up a mix tape of dusty, unpolished beats.
  4. New EP on Routine Plant Routine: Hype Rockrite producer Miles Malice steps out on his own for a melodic set of electro-flecked beats and future bass. Kubrick Stare’s remix shifts gears on the title track.
  5. We have some download codes for Rabbit - redeem at the link below. http://routineplantroutine.bandcamp.com/yum zphy-jvvp 36cn-68t2 5yhl-kfuh bteh-6mmv dn6h-y688 p5zs-b67n 8rtp-wkqj k99g-ekhw uy2n-b8ms lkmm-xfkd 4z86-jazh 42zu-y2yv cxya-7h79 eck8-vvpz gs3y-gybg t4xz-7f4u tecz-vqvp 667k-hdzm unwu-vdy6 v5pa-6c2k
  6. New release on Routine Plant Routine delves deep into folk horror territory. This was written as a soundtrack to a film that (as far as we know) is mired in production hell.
  7. Thanks for that comment. This is on the streaming sites too now - here’s a link to a Spotify playlist with the whole series so far https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7d7gpeVpyIl9WN11d0IjeE?si=3P8VhuazQbS8DYqtRP8DNg
  8. Here’s an alternative mix of EchoLoc’s Moss track from Wood EP.
  9. Latest release in the EchoLoc x Kubrick Stare collaboration for Routine Plant Routine is out now on bandcamp. 2 originals, 2 remixes. Should be streaming everywhere else soon
  10. Love it. This is also up on bandcamp https://bitstream.bandcamp.com/album/domestic-economy-7
  11. Looks great. Can’t wait to hear that Dwaallicht remix of Daed
  12. Thanks! I had already picked that one up - great stuff
  13. Yeah I’m really enjoying this release. Not sure I’ve heard the double cassette - do you know if there are digitals available for that?
  14. Kubrick Stare will be spinning a set chock full of RPR goodness tonight (9pm UK time), live on Twitch
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