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  1. Digitals are out https://analogicalforce.bandcamp.com/album/af033-tweaking-paper-ep
  2. Yes, also enjoying this one. It seems a touch more melodic compared with his recent releases
  3. Routine Plant Routine’s resident DJ Paul Miles transforms into Mister Estomago to serve up a mix tape of dusty, unpolished beats.
  4. New EP on Routine Plant Routine: Hype Rockrite producer Miles Malice steps out on his own for a melodic set of electro-flecked beats and future bass. Kubrick Stare’s remix shifts gears on the title track.
  5. We have some download codes for Rabbit - redeem at the link below. http://routineplantroutine.bandcamp.com/yum zphy-jvvp 36cn-68t2 5yhl-kfuh bteh-6mmv dn6h-y688 p5zs-b67n 8rtp-wkqj k99g-ekhw uy2n-b8ms lkmm-xfkd 4z86-jazh 42zu-y2yv cxya-7h79 eck8-vvpz gs3y-gybg t4xz-7f4u tecz-vqvp 667k-hdzm unwu-vdy6 v5pa-6c2k
  6. New release on Routine Plant Routine delves deep into folk horror territory. This was written as a soundtrack to a film that (as far as we know) is mired in production hell.
  7. Thanks for that comment. This is on the streaming sites too now - here’s a link to a Spotify playlist with the whole series so far https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7d7gpeVpyIl9WN11d0IjeE?si=3P8VhuazQbS8DYqtRP8DNg
  8. Here’s an alternative mix of EchoLoc’s Moss track from Wood EP.
  9. Latest release in the EchoLoc x Kubrick Stare collaboration for Routine Plant Routine is out now on bandcamp. 2 originals, 2 remixes. Should be streaming everywhere else soon
  10. Love it. This is also up on bandcamp https://bitstream.bandcamp.com/album/domestic-economy-7
  11. Looks great. Can’t wait to hear that Dwaallicht remix of Daed
  12. Thanks! I had already picked that one up - great stuff
  13. Yeah I’m really enjoying this release. Not sure I’ve heard the double cassette - do you know if there are digitals available for that?
  14. Kubrick Stare will be spinning a set chock full of RPR goodness tonight (9pm UK time), live on Twitch
  15. Thanks for this - great track.
  16. Part 7 of the EchoLoc x Kubrick Stare collaboration for RoutinePlantRoutine is out now: up on bandcamp and streaming from every conceivable etc etc https://open.spotify.com/album/1W3eB1ks8Pr6kfzvgDivT2?si=lzqqeLnLTzOGrQmm8wFmaA https://routineplantroutine.bandcamp.com/album/wall
  17. Yes, a very sad message. I hope he gets better soon and that his situation improves. His music is brilliant.
  18. A new one from Chris Douglas to end the year on. Discography is 80% off on Bandcamp too.
  19. Now streaming on Spotify - should be on other services too. Stream the whole series to date on this handy playlist
  20. PlanetX by RTR Preorders are up on Bandcamp. Releases 15 Jan. https://analogicalforce.bandcamp.com/album/af028lp-planetx
  21. Part 6 of the EchoLoc x Kubrick Stare collaboration for Routine Plant Routine will be available on Bandcamp from Friday 13 December. Should be streaming everywhere else soon.
  22. This is great. Definitely one for the winter
  23. I think this might be a stand-out on AF for me. I haven’t heard much Bewwip - only this and the EPs on Occult Research. Are there many more releases out there?
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