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  1. big fan of ross from friends here wasnt too impressed with his 2020 and even 2019 stuff, but love everything prior. was a bit worried about this album since I love family portrait so much but everything after that was hit and miss holy shit, this is massive EDIT: just finished the album. some big tunes, but overall this a solid 8/10 but something is missing. He seem all over the place. Lots of talent and great ideas.
  2. I give up on perala. I wish someone woud do a essential mix or something
  3. its not bad but its not great at all ever since his first album around 2018, everything he release seem a bit of a letdown in comparison
  4. well just really started digging eod/CN discography. wow I was really missing out on this one
  5. hey, thought it would be fun and useful here's mine in no particular order: Aphex Kettel Bvdub/ earth house hold/ east of oceans John Beltran/ placid angels Traumprinz/ dj healer/ dj metatron/ golden baby/ prime minister of doom/ prince of denmark/ the phantasy
  6. If I look at last.fm burial has 1M listeners, Aphex has 2M. Burial is much more listened to then I thought, like you I also figured most fans of Burial that was around Untrue would all have givin up on him now. Chemz... its cringeworthy tbh Burial sucks since Rival dealer
  7. Love Beltran, but his last Placid Angles was miles better then this one. The album feels rushed. I dunno, some great tracks but overall im dissapointed
  8. not the biggest fan of the album as a whole, but damn this tracks is a gem https://floatingpoints.bandcamp.com/track/anasickmodular
  9. i do like him, quite musical, very simple melodies, recommended
  10. prob a unpopular opinion, but his music does nothing for me. I keep on trying. hes got skills, but musically i find it bland
  11. the more i listen to this album, the more i realize how mindblowing it is.. the beats he was always good at, but his melodies since 19-20 have been better ime then his previous years goes in my fav records of 2020. he's getting better, exciting to see where he goes next yeah, the ibiza prt 11 is killer his golden baby from 2019 has some gems
  12. Amazing. dont miss out on his others 2020 lp's this is a highlight https://stasisrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/la-man-ana-ep
  13. Nostalgia hits hard with this one. this tracks just hits me. Miss that time when all Ic ared was taking mescaline, smoking joints all day, having no responsibilites. oh well
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