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  1. wait, i forgot the orb- orbus terrarum
  2. really hated this album at first eventually some tracks i kinda started to like: clearly the highlight here
  3. Great album. one of my favorite from 2019 https://lobstertheremin.com/album/fantasy-blues-lp
  4. Ive digged quite a lot this new house genre this last year, so far my two highlights are Dj Seinfeld and Ross from Friends I really loved the 2018 ross from friends- Family portrait
  5. AFX- Analords Miles- KOB Coltrane- Live at birdland Kettel & Secede- When can Dave matthews band- Crash Hendrix- Electric ladyland Shpongle- Are you Shpongle? The Beatles- The white album AE- draft 7.30 Bvdub- Born in Tokyo Dinosaur jr- Green mind or Where you Been? Van Morisson- Astral weeks Zappa- we're only in it for the money or Apostrophe Pink Floyd- DSOTM Kenny Burrell- midnight blue Gil scott- Pieces of a man
  6. https://kettel.bandcamp.com/album/dwingeloo-life-extension His second ambient album. 16 years after Volleyed Iron, been a long time! Bear creek is magic
  7. I love the 3 tracks from Romantics to Love salad to Insects near piha beach. His ambient work on here is heavenly.
  8. hey Im trying to post again, and it seems my account is locked in that i cannot post in threads. something about acknowledging a warning. how can i do this exactly? mods? cheers
  9. ime, psychedelics gives tons of insight, but most if not all of it is lost once back to sober. it can gives insights into how you could feel and experiene reality and what you should really try to attain (inner peace, love, serenity, satisfaction) but it really gives no indication or method in how to train yourself on how exactly to be able to feel that way WITHOUT the psychedelic drug. You've seen the studies on psychedelics given to terminal cancer patients, right? Those dying people don't seem to think the effects are lost 'once back to sober'... yes ive seen the studies. I guess we'd have to determine what exactly insight means? what I mean by i often feel I loose the insights I gain on psychedelics is real for me. I cannot say for the dying people. what cwmbrancity says is important the first couple of psychedelics experience definitely changed my life in a certain way. repeating the experience is indeed less dramatic. hence the famous quote about psychedelics by alan watts: "once you get the message hang up the phone"
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