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  1. aphex kettel bvdub dino jr./ j Mascis Radiohead Wisp
  2. Again, just like his previous albums, over half of his albums are borderline bad for my taste, but then he's able to do tracks like Strawberry Privilege, Greater Love or Hasdallen Light that blows me away. It's all or nothing with him. I like 4 tracks on this, I hate most of the rest
  3. lovely couple of very strong tracks.
  4. defund the police is insane and dangerous. How can anyone defend that non-sense. Police need more combat style training and de-escalation drills, and the fact that to become a policeman takes 3 months at the academy is truly bizarre. here in canada it takes 3 years to be a cop. I feel that its the USA prison and justice system that is the problem. Monetarized prisons and a justice system that seem way to happy to put non-violent people in prisons for petty offends, non payed tickets and drug posession.
  5. series still playing: Our boys Better call saul Quiz. just got release, mini serie High maintenance My brilliant friend sneaky pete Barry the outsider
  6. maybe a bit, but i dont know where to start when it comes to techno.
  7. ive been diggin some stuff on soundcloud for about a year now, and there's a lot of pretty hard-to-classified genre that seem very popular over there. im sure it wont be for anyone. ive put some of my favorite artist or tracks from soundcloud. if any of you guys know more artist in that genre, please share! Nuages: Laxcity: Hanz: others:
  8. hey! Ive never looked at the techno genre, and im sure im probably missing some great music and Id like to start exploring the genre. Any suggestions of artist, labels, tracks? Thanks
  9. martial law is coming this whole corona/social distancing/ forced to wearing masks/ tracking people on their cellphone to make sure they respect social distancing/ protest/ destruction/ bring in the army to control the situation/ civil war/ state coup? this looks like the beginning of China social credit system
  10. everything after stretch is not for me Manners is his best track, that ending is epic. stretch was my favorite project of 2012. since then, he seem to have degraded . Time is a good track though.
  11. Id say, your stuck on a island, you cannot physically bring the artist with you, and you dont know if youll ever be rescued
  12. Id bring: Aphex Twin Bvdub/ Earth house hold/ East of oceans Kettel J Mascis/ Dinosaur jr. Coltrane
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