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  1. Great album melodies are natural and emotional, strings are lovely Getting up to speed with Beltran work is a treat
  2. haha, I really dont care enough about all this, I live in Canada, I dont follow any USA politics but I doubt that Trump makes a better job then what Kanye would do ( I may be wrong) , but from that interview, you can see that Kanye is crazy, but not a idiot and he seem to have some sort of decent values. Edit: @Hugh Mughnus hey fellow canadian, I live in Quebec
  3. hilarious to say but id vote for Kanye. Hes kinda crazy, but I trust him when he says that he is able to recognize others being genius, the stuff about Utopia possible for everyone, etc.
  4. Im not asking for 2020 list. Ive been digging bleep list down to 2011. boomkat list. I dont quite find any top tracks list for 2019. are you sure they make top tracks? I only find "best release (album) 2019" https://bleep.com/100-tracks-2019
  5. hey ive been finding tons of gems artist I never heard of while listening to the bleep top track end of year list Any other list I should look out for? cheers
  6. Id go as far to say this is his, or should I say her's?, best album. some real bangers on here
  7. I find no nigthmare pretty good actually. reminds me of that bon iver vibe edit: hmmm, yeah its kinda boring
  8. Age of was borderline poor and I agree his new vocal direction is bleh but really the biggest problem i have with his music is that some parts of his tracks contains absolute unique gems, but he doesn't repeat those gems. 3 min of meh, then 1 min of gold. reminds me of some zappa somehow.
  9. yeah its also my feelings, vapor and rooms I remember at the time thinking it was good, but ive revisisted this year and it didnt age well imo. this new album is much more "mature" I find.
  10. Right? I wanted to mention it. it really reminds me of lone somehow his melodies on this track is so touching, im quite shock by this album. will explore Beltran discography. any pointers?
  11. been way too long i havent listen to the album in full. there's so much memories around the time ive discovered this album. there was less good music around, internet wasnt taking away all my free time. social media didnt even exist. simpler times. I remember just randomly putting Xtal on. that was it, i was a fan.
  12. been into Brahm Piano solo stuff lately
  13. watmm is seriously sleeping on this. well I cant blame you, i was too. this album really impressed me and been on repeat since two weeks. even his ambients tracks on here are great. a moment away from you is such a special track. masterpiece. have that je-ne-sais-quoi in the melodies that is just visceral to me. then this fun kinda track and the finale, what a way to finish this album. soft summer, the strings at the end, the melodies, wouah,
  14. matrix 14.2 is ridiculous EOD track is sick Humanoid, who is that? great stuff and then Dwaalicht... please feed me a new album now
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