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  1. gated emotion is wow this album is definitely less polished then its latetest work I dunno, but this guy melody skills reminds me of a mix between wisp and kettel. its emotion packed and the way he intermix the melodies brings me backwhen I discovered the world of wisp and kettel and aphex twin
  2. shame on me where was I this is some master melodies right there
  3. vaxed 2 weeks before his death
  4. post this, post that all terms posers and wannabe use to sound as if they know what they talk about
  5. I personally find this album, relative to what Beltran release in 2020 definitely weaker. Nothing really sticks out as special in this album. Very enjoyable though like always and highly recommended.
  6. Ive actually started googling this stuff up. I admit I cannot find the stats about influenza and death rates. now im even more scared. when you google covid death per 100 000. in the world, they say: 666 Country Deaths per million Deaths Cases World 666 5,248,669 265,423,384 Peru 6,036 201,360 2,242,646 Bulgaria 4,176 28,805 702,454 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/COVID-19_pandemic_death_rates_by_country https://www.google.com/search?q=covid+death+per+100+000&rlz=1C1MSIM_enCA923CA923&oq=covid+death+per+100&aqs=chrome.0.0i512l2j69i57j0i512l7.4241j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 iirc many did look up if the stats were legit. and they are directly from Hopkins. In the video, the stats shown are the death rates iirc
  7. yeah, I think the last stats for people under 50 who dies of covid is something between 0.02% to 0.05% fatalities. and stats surrounding covid death are quite telling. over 80% of people who dies of covid have over 2.5 factors of co-morbidities. something like 50% are Vitamin D deficient, ect. the influenza was by many factors more dangerous for people under 70. Covid is more dangerous then influenza for people over 70 years old As if im really a paramedic, I was a year ago and I hope ill be able to come back: the way it looks though is that it might not be possible.. I'm not a paramedic as in today for multiple reasons. I have many paramedic friends obviously
  8. here we go, best thread of the year. its always at the end of the year that i really begin the journey to find the best music of the year so this list is very provisionary: Ben Howard- Collections from the white out Big red Machine- HLDYTIGL Lone- always inside your head Ross From Friends- tread Danny L Harle - Harlecore Earth House Hold- daybreak basement Beltran- Aestethe Innigo Kennedy- eyes close in the sun Porter robinson- nurture skee mask- pool Bladee- the fool Joy Orbison- still slipping vol 1 Daniel Avery- together in static Loess- totems Placid angels- touch the earth Laxcity- disconnect Calibre- feeling normal Sasha mix- Luzoscura All the Perala stuff conway and big ghost- if it bleeds it can be killed conway the machine- la maquina Dj seinfeld- mirrors Viggo dyst- everything else is secondary Madlib- Sound Ancestors Added: Iglew- Light armour DJ Seinfeld- Mirrors
  9. what MSM says and the reality are two different realities. Again, I invite you too look at the real ICU covid numbers. Here in canada, even during the peak, or even before covid, covid patient never overcrowded hospitals or the icu. the lack of hospitals place have been a issue since we are kids. the health system is in a crisis since the early 2000's MSM has announed its plan to force booster every year. thats all I need to know. I wont accept a vaccination program every year. I rather lose my career, get in the woods and connect back to reality. since Rage Against the Machine was my first cd I bought in the 90's, "fuck you I wont do what you told me" is ingrain in me. and a general motus operandi, good or bad And the more I know about BIG pharma, the less I trust them. Actually this is the big culprit here (big pharma): a new mrna vaccine with no long term track record, combined with a virus that is less fatal then the flu, and you have some profound non sense going on in the media. and thats without mentioning all the media lies. remember: ivermectin is a horse dewormer. Again, ill ask you, why trust a Vaccine that has NO data vs Ivermectin that has a track record of over 4 billion dose administred along its quite proven efficacy in many parts of the globe. as a very promising prophylatic and actual covid treatment. just this week a USA judge ruled for the use of ivermectin in a dying covid patient. Ivermectin definitely helped saved the life of this old men this week. the fact that Ivermectin is not used widly in the ICU for intubated patients is incredulous. https://www1.cbn.com/cbnnews/2021/november/praise-the-lord-on-brink-of-death-elderly-man-fully-recovers-after-judge-orders-hospital-to-allow-ivermectin As in Today, Autrichia, germany and Italy have announed that unvaxed cannot even buy food I think in shops...
  10. in canada, at least here in quebec, the hospitals are not even close nor were not even close at the peak of the pandemy of being overwhlemed by covid patients. iirc, one can track the hospitalisation in USA per groups. would be interesting to know as in today the real numbers of covid case that require hospitalisation. at the end of this winter, irrc the numers showed about 1% of the ICU having covid patients, probably now its more. Lancet journal just today publiched yet another article that show that vaccination doesnt reduce transmission. if you think that in order to beat this virus, the only solution is vaccinate the entire planet every 6 months, well its over. Society will never restore. You have at least 20% (im pretty sure more and more people wont accept the boosters) that will never take the vaccine. yep, herd immunity. long time the media havent talked about it.
  11. im not sure where you disagree tbh. I mean, its quite clear, since the vaccination program, not one location have seen a drastic reduction in death. Why dont you adress this issue?
  12. I wont continue the discusion here. I hope I havent offended anyone. I realize that the sheep video was not of good taste even if the video still showed the changing narrative towards the efficacy of vaccine to protect against transmission rendering this whole mandate vaccine insane. Actually, I'm ok with the vaccine, just not with the mandates and I have the right to my opinion and others to theirs. see you guys over at the music forums
  13. no point in even answering to this I see Ive hit very sensible chords. good luck everyone.
  14. why not compare in england the death rate prior to mass vaccination and after? then do this is every country.
  15. im holding out as authority? how? what made you think this? in no way I see myself as a authority. Ive given a lot of information. all the information i have given is false? As im trained as paramedic, why would I know the training of a nurse?
  16. are you guys trying to argue that Israel numbers are convincing anyone that vaccine work haha
  17. there's no paramedic program in quebec that takes a year,.paramedic school is 3 years. nursing is the same. You can go the university and become a super nurse, and you can go to university and become a super paramedic. Then nurses can go do a master. probably less then 5% of nurse have a master. In college, nurses might take a couple more biology class. but to claim that they know oh so much more then paramedic would be generally false. but really, who cares? not sure why. have you looked at Ivermectin data.
  18. I dont assume I have all the asnwers, im merely adding to the discussions. whats the most vaccinated state in america? Vermont. where in america is there the most covid cases? you guessed it, Vermont. whats the most vaccinated country in the world? Israel. Whats their data right now? I think they have over double the death rate as last year. oh, and they have been giving boosters for months now and already starting the 4th shot over there
  19. not here in canada, paramedic school is just as hard as being a nurse. in no way im saying im a expert or anything. but thanks for calling me stupid. I guess thats what people who cannot argue or have the ability to even debate do: insult. You guessed it, being smart is having the most degrees. your on the right track
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