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  1. i do like him, quite musical, very simple melodies, recommended
  2. prob a unpopular opinion, but his music does nothing for me. I keep on trying. hes got skills, but musically i find it bland
  3. the more i listen to this album, the more i realize how mindblowing it is.. the beats he was always good at, but his melodies since 19-20 have been better ime then his previous years goes in my fav records of 2020. he's getting better, exciting to see where he goes next yeah, the ibiza prt 11 is killer his golden baby from 2019 has some gems
  4. Amazing. dont miss out on his others 2020 lp's this is a highlight https://stasisrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/la-man-ana-ep
  5. Nostalgia hits hard with this one. this tracks just hits me. Miss that time when all Ic ared was taking mescaline, smoking joints all day, having no responsibilites. oh well
  6. My favorite is probably that Beltran track. I normally hate this kinda cheesy early 2000's "lounge" type track, but he managed to make it actually sick. love the percussion work and the guitar melody.
  7. Ive been listening a lot to this album AOTY contender. so well rounded. love the real instruments used in there. crazy creative
  8. Maybe you have difficulty just listening to arca's album by itself, trying to not be biased by his "image". I find latest Arca album clearly have bits of brillancy. its not good from beginning to end but tracks like Time, KLK, No quede nada, are musically interesting for my taste at least. and that comes from a guy who hates everything Arca did since his Stretch series which I praised at the time.
  9. succession, Barry, my brilliant friend, high maintenance!
  10. yep still the best series of all time. nothing come close well better call saul is catching up though
  11. What a album. thanks for the recommendation Bleep https://wisdomteethuk.bandcamp.com/album/k-lone-cape-cira-lp Highly recommended
  12. hannah diamond is actually decent grimes is ultra popular and would fit the genre. same with arca shygirl is fun cant stand sophie though
  13. Satie is the man. its sounds so different then classical music might as well not call his music classical John cage and then more traditional classical i like: chopin debussy ravel
  14. My favorite watmm thread every year. I discover more music in those type of threads then anywhere else. So without looking at people's list, here's my preliminary list: John Beltran- the Season's Series. https://johnbeltrandelsin.bandcamp.com/album/the-season-series Lustrous Orb, Sunflower, You internalize them, I can chase you forever are highlights but really its the entire album is so captivating, So beautiful, touching yet non cheesy. Kettel- Dwingeloo Life Extension. https://kettel.bandcamp.com/track/bear-creek . This is not the ambient album I expected from Kettel, mu
  15. its decent enough but just doesnt grab me at all. pretty decent way to switch beats I must say, but I find his melodies depressing and its just a dark album for me.
  16. https://blueartsmusic.bandcamp.com/album/hallo-androiden This album is a masterpiece. Give this a spin, hard to be dissapointed with the melodies depth combined with the detroit type beats
  17. r + seven is totally unique, nothing like it that said, this is somewhat reminisce of it:
  18. Great album melodies are natural and emotional, strings are lovely Getting up to speed with Beltran work is a treat
  19. haha, I really dont care enough about all this, I live in Canada, I dont follow any USA politics but I doubt that Trump makes a better job then what Kanye would do ( I may be wrong) , but from that interview, you can see that Kanye is crazy, but not a idiot and he seem to have some sort of decent values. Edit: @Hugh Mughnus hey fellow canadian, I live in Quebec
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