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  1. I didnt enjoy the album. i never understood the praise, i guess i never will
  2. enjoyable, like expected from overmono. it just rarely gets me fully there.
  3. hell on earth in Shanghai https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1512471322051366929.html
  4. " a fucking disaster" your hilarious. literally everyone who gets that variant have barely any symptoms. natural immunity will be acquired much better with this new variant. your really a male karen
  5. disspointed by this compared to his 2021 output.
  6. I wish mods would stop you for posting 30 albums a week on here. I see your style of posting like a label representative at this point
  7. it goes from cheesy to near unbearable agenda driven garbage netflix
  8. new succesion season kinda suck compared to the 2 previous seasons
  9. as im discovering the artist, i figured might as well share my favs from him theres a untitled_mix_series release in 2022 from cult member that has a couple of gems. I cant even find a link anywhere. but sunzone on that mix is insane. really reminds me of ross from friends or dj seinfeld.
  10. https://andybell.bandcamp.com/album/another-view great listen!
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