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  1. the bassline is out of this world
  2. theres many special Ravel composition, this one is perfection Enjoy!
  3. same and rediscovering it in my adulthood is really fun
  4. ive been listening to a ungodly amount of Peter gabriel ill post some of my highlights here: this hits in so many ways. brilliant Kate bush, that bassline, enuff said: and i think arguably, this is one of the best popular music ever created:
  5. theres some moments in this album that is pure genius. Im not entirely surprised. His production skills are quite amazing. I also feel in recent years he did show a clear tendency for him to go, once in a while, in idm'ish areas. His sounds has been steadily progressing and evolving. Even back in 2011 here at watmm, i didnt totally agree with the skrillex bashing, but understood the critics. I feel @usagi really capture well the critics around skirllex at the times. Today? I would disagree with such a portrayal of skrillex, as a artist. that said, this is pure pop for me. I would agree with anyone who dislike his new stuff: his vocals are cheesy often, often its repetitive and just pure pop. but still, I enjoy some of his stuff, unashamingly and find that he is quite a special voice in todays world of controlled main stream popular music, as sad as it is. I personally loved this song by skrillex released 5 years ago: this was released by skrillex two years ago; clearly, we are far from the 2010 skirllex: on the new album, i feel those are highlights:
  6. but thats not the concept that i mean. I have explained the concept in the first thread which was 1992 iirc. the concept is you are you, today, at your age. and you can only listen to music made until 1986. ive been listening to music made before 1992 for months and months now. (apart from this week) but yeah, the concept is that you cna only listen to music released in 1986 or before. hard to believe i had never listened to this
  7. just his productions skills are worth a listen.
  8. if you like ketamine, I highly recommend downtown abbey.
  9. right? facing speakers like that will cause phase cancellations issues.
  10. definitly the best slayer album for me. the best metal album ive ever heard!
  11. quite amazing really. those two tracks i had never heard before. the 80s are by far my favorite musical era right now.
  12. After 2 weeks in 1994, Im going back to the 80's 1986 Peter Gabriel album So is released. this hits
  13. im going out of my way to tell people to avoid autechre telling people what to avoid is the best way they actually check it out
  14. the 21 hungarian track from Brahms are out of this world the number 4 is such a classic melody. this version in particular. apparently, different tuning truly change the speed and tempo as to make it really different. I find the melodies classic, but i dunno its so beautiful. it feels a bit like kids music. cant quite put it into words. the part that start at 1:47 sec is shocking. its just too good. I cant believe all my life i missed those type of great tracks. and many more hungarian tracks are incredible like this:
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