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  1. same, but the good tracks are sick! feel good music done right.
  2. the last few months ive literally stopped listening to modern music, so i havent keep up, heres what i had so far in the year Bvdub- Hearts of stone Dj python- Club sentimentos Luis-057 tourist-inside out Two shell- Icons Two shell- Home Two shell- eternal seed cult member- untitled mix 2022 Benny the Butcher- tana talk 4 Kangding Ray- Ultrachroma The Range- Mercury skee mask- A Brent Faiyaz- Wasteland Caterina Barbeiri- spirit exit
  3. its important for me to say I was a kid back then, soyour input is so nice to have! I agree, in 1994 it becomes clear Aphex is deeper as a artist vs Autechre. I should have asked for 1993. AE just released in 1993 then in 1994, two full LPs that are still today just as important as SAW 2 or Surfing on sine waves id love to see your answer about 1993, AFX vs AE. I had personally totally overlook the history progression from say 1991 to 1993 from both AFX and AE (lego feet), and i had totally overlook how amazing Lego feet album and Incunabula were. BTW, who else were you guys absolutely franctic about in 1993-1994?
  4. in 1994, id say this is one of Richard best upbeat track. tough match maybe the question wasnt clear enough. I meant, in 1994, if you were to have followed both artists careers up to 1994, which would you have preffered.
  5. Ive been coming back often to this
  6. Ive been diggin the 80's a lot, might as well post a couple of things not electronica that i really dig. Cocteau twins: I love those kind of vibes: Dinosaur jr. 1985. i had never realized how avant guard Mascis is. Kate bush: hounds of love album. one of the best pop album of all time. The cure.
  7. my journey into the 80's was a eye opener i had never realized how primordial it was back then and how relatively recent the real electronica scene "matured". I dont think there's a single pure electronica album from the 80's that i can listen from start to finish. maybe its just my taste, or I have missed the holy grail from that time however, in 1993, the scene just exploded.
  8. amazing ambient track from metheny in the 80's heres another very interesting proto-house track from metheny in 1985. men i wish he would have explored more of this exact smooth type of sound
  9. its not electronica, but god damn, this hits me right in my heart. amazing that solo, wow
  10. i have just began exploring really seriously the 80's. what a crazy evolution from 1980 to 1988. this 1988 record sounds more like 1990-91. very cool track!
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