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  1. whats wrong with Intelligent Digital Music?
  2. where can we listen?
  3. haha always a weird moment when you realize somebody you thought sucked is actually pretty good.
  4. https://objekt.bandcamp.com/album/objekt-5 sick
  5. goes directly in my top 10 of the year. sooooooooooo good
  6. https://sangrenueva.bandcamp.com/album/goteo-ep
  7. will admit i never listened to EXM thx to your comment ive listened to mabel. vnice percussion work. very strong indeed!
  8. hes quite big on the EDM scene? honestly i have seen the name here and there but im also not aware of them or wasnt aware how big they were if skrillex collab with them, I guess they are pretty popular
  9. thats how i hear it it sounds clean, hence the hype? I guess for newbies it sounds like experimental electronica.
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