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  1. I joined in 2008 as murphythecat 🙂 was hated a lot, deservingly so.
  2. https://twoshell.bandcamp.com/album/icons Higly recommended. Their 2021 output is just as amazing at around 1:45, this is wild. the entire track is a masterpiece.
  3. been discovering these guys mindbending stuff
  4. its not bad, but its just so boring imo.
  5. https://therangemusic.bandcamp.com/album/mercury amazing!
  6. that artist and album was unknown to me, thx!
  7. https://officialtourist.bandcamp.com/album/inside-out-2
  8. this is possibly the album of the year for me https://officialtourist.bandcamp.com/album/inside-out-2 blown away by this guy
  9. i remember buying the cd almost 20 years ago and loving the ambient tracks. how did i became so old all of a sudden Sasha is still today a top producer.
  10. https://bleep.com/mid-year-roundup-2022
  11. DJ Python- Club sentiementos Cult Member- Untitles mix series Benny the Butcher- tana talk 4 Kangding Ray- Ultrachroma Luis- 057 Bvdub- Heart of stone Brent Faiyaz- Wasteland Caterina Barbeiri- spirit exit ( truly grew on me) Tourist- inside out Two Shell- Icons The Range- Mercury whats yours?
  12. funny they sell casette or vinyl, production is awful.
  13. id add this as highlight, but the entire album flow perfectly. pretty convince this album will appeal to your girlfriends, shell suck you better while listening to this i promise
  14. Highly recommended mix of R&B and something else. what a special vibe.
  15. after 40 sec, it becomes clear that psychology is not science lol. did he lost his mind or something? hes been bought by the MSM to talk like this clearly. lefty, righty, you americans really are completely brainwashed with those words. using it at every turn to divide people. thats all it is, words used to divide people. how can any democrat or republicain defend their party? Corruption is so deep in the american gouv i really cannot take seriously anyone who try to argue that theres a better party: both absolutely play in the same team: both dont abide the law nor are at the service of the normal worker.
  16. try this track! https://bvdub.bandcamp.com/track/forgive-and-never-forget and this: https://bvdub.bandcamp.com/track/no-rest-for-the-weary like usual, theres maximum 2-3 good tracks in his album.
  17. forgive and never forget ill be obsessing with this track for a year. what a first half. mindblowing. so emotional. i guess im depressed or something but this hits like a ton of brick. so god damn personal music.
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